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Someone returning (to you, to a place, etc.) can represent a real or imagined: Reunion.

Returning to the past, or situation similar to a past one.

Restoring, recreating, or revisiting something from the past.

Resuming a process that’s been interrupted.

A feeling of missing someone or something, or of wanting them back.

The idea of going home again or of feeling the security of “home.” Revisiting a place can represent: a desire for familiar surroundings; a need or desire to repeat a past activity (perhaps due to unfinished business).

Returning an item you’ve purchased can represent: dissatisfaction; rejection; judgment, criticism, or the feeling of “not good enough”; getting rid of things (such as relationships or beliefs) that you feel don’t work for you.

Returning an item someone gave you can represent an ending, a refusal, or discontinuing a commitment.

See also: Backward; Repeating; Rejoining; Reuniting; Joining Together; Finances; Visiting

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Returning A Merchandise

(Business) Returning a merchandise to the merchant in a dream represents a highway robber, a thief, obstructing the trade, delaying a traveller, failing to observe the laws, or being careless about violating the law.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Returning From A Journey

(See Debt; Return)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation