Retired Dream Meanings

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Retired Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

When you are young, dreaming of retirement demonstrates a desire to forget your worries and live more peacefully. Probably you are carrying a great tension and the subconscious is telling you you need to enjoy a period of calm.

If the dreamer is already retired in real life, it is just a reflection of their current situation.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

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Feelings of isolation or loneliness—the loneliness could be as one might feel when retired from work, isolated from a situation you once knew, feeling trapped, feeling safe from the world by introversion. Swimming, getting to an is­land: move to independence. Desert island: attempt to ‘get away from it all’. Island in stormy sea: personality traits which give strength amidst difficult emotions and turbulence. Large island with other people: isolating oneself by involvement with a particular belief or group of people. ... island dream meaning

Unexpected Utterance

Sometimes you may hear the most unexpected or even ridiculous things in your dreams, whether they are said by people, animals or even objects.

If you simply can’t understand what someone is saying to you, look first of all at whether what they are saying is being cloaked in metaphor. Bear in mind, too, that an unexpected utterance by a dream character may be giving rise to something you are not ready to hear; sometimes we put our unconscious fears into someone else’s mouth, or the utterances represent old issues or negative voices you have not yet banished.

Freudian slips are everyday occurrences in which we express strange or unacceptable thoughts or urges. For a split second, the censoring aspect of your self is put on hold and what is really on your mind pops out in a seemingly bizarre and unexpected way. These slips happen in every day speech as well as in dreams, so if verbal mistakes or slips appear in your dream—such as ’I thought you were dead instead of retired’—they will tell you something about your unconscious wishes. It is possible to have a dream in which you say the most unexpected and embarrassing but secretly true thing to a dream character.... unexpected utterance dream meaning

Age And Dreams

Sleep patterns vary markedly across different age groups, with people sleeping progressively less soundly in later life. Stage 4, or deep sleep, in particular, practically disappears among the elderly. Studies of dreams through the life cycle have shown less dramatic patterns. For instance, in one study that subdivided subjects into four age groups—21–34, 35–49, 50–64, and 65 and over subjects in the 21–34 and 50–64 groups reported having more dreams than the other two groups.

Content-wise, the most dramatic finding was a direct correlation between age and frequency of dreams about death and dying. Dream content also changes among the retired (especially the institutionalized) elderly, who often experience dreams about lack of resources.

Finally, dreams among those who are dying often include the theme of life after death.... age and dreams dream meaning


1. Parked or retired ministry;

2. Repair shop (workshop).

3. Church;

4. Undergoing a spiritual tune-up;

5. Restoration of a fallen ministry (workshop)

1 Sam. 4:13-15; Luke 12:19;... garage dream meaning