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Any form of restriction in a dream often mirrors some frustration in the dreamer’s personal or business life.

The dreamer may be imposing restrictions on himself or herself as well as on others.

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Restraint / Restriction

In addition to the meanings given under Imprison and Prison, there is the possibility that the dream is referring to restraints and restrictions in your external circumstances, or to those mental and physical limitations that begin to manifest themselves from the age of forty-five onwards. Restrictions and limitations may have the positive value of drawing

your attention from egotistic pursuits to things that matter more: for instance, loss of intellectual sharpness does not disqualify you from gaining self-knowledge; and the latter may be helped by the collapse of egotism. However, if you judge that the restrictions are purely negative, take steps to remove them or to find alternative supplies of satisfaction.

If neither of these options seems to avail and the only remaining option is to accept the inevitable, this may well be life’s way of reminding you of what is important in life.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


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