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Rescuing someone or something can represent: Good will toward others, compassion, or a sense of humanity.

The idea that you’ve been doing too much (or not enough) helping others.

The idea of rescuing or taking responsibility for others as a relevant theme in your life somehow.

For more clues, consider who is rescuing whom, the dynamics involved, and your feelings.

See also: Hero; Protecting; Ambulance; Firefighting; Digging; Rescued, Being

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Rescuing | Dream Meaning

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Rescue, Rescuing

Vision: Rescuing a person: you need to tackle a public duty and do it soon—not only for the recognition you will receive. Being rescued: you need strong, male support in order to overcome a crisis.

Depth Psychology: You are either very afraid, or the dream is a warning about a real danger that you need to try to avoid.... Dreamers Dictionary


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