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Back Seat

The back seat of a vehicle (or a seat that’s not near the driver) can represent: Being or feeling away from the main action or events.

Being an observer in a group process rather than a full participant or decision maker.

Following others or “just along for the ride.” Secondary or inferior, or feeling that way.

Consider the context and the intention of the person in the back seat.

If they’re trying to direct the driver, they could represent a desire for more control in a particular situation.

If happily riding, they could represent someone who was present but not a primary player in the real-life events represented in the dream.

See also: Vehicle; Seat; Riding... back seat dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary

Bench Seat

Being set aside to wait... bench seat dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


To dream of riding a bicycle up hill, signifies bright prospects. Riding it down hill, if the rider be a woman, calls for care regarding her good name and health; misfortune hovers near. ... bicycle dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Bicycle / Motorbike

According to Freud, riding a bicycle is a symbol of sexual intercourse. Both bicycles and motorbikes symbolize the need for balance in life and the need to reconcile the often opposing demands of the conscious and unconscious. The speed of the bike will be significant, as it suggests how strong your desire for independence is. For Jungians, dreaming of a motorcycle suggests determination and a person in control of their destiny. A dream of riding a bicycle may therefore mirror your sense of powering your own progress in the world.... bicycle / motorbike dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Chair / Seat

interpreted upon 6 sides: justice, glory, guardianship, the elevation of the matter, importance and high standing.... chair / seat dream meaning

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

Disintegrating, Seat Cover

No longer hiding what you do not need. ... disintegrating, seat cover dream meaning

Expansions Dream Dictionary

Love Seat

(See Couch) 260... love seat dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Mercy Seat

1. Atonement;

2. Rest;

3. Holy of holies;

4. Receiving forgiveness from sin;

5. Throne of God;

Heb. 9:5-1;2;Rev. 13:2; Ex. 25:22; 29; Job 23:3;2.... mercy seat dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


Dreaming about repainng something may comment on the need to fix an area of your life. Repairing a vehicle in a dream may represent the need to heal physically as a priority. Repairing plumbing represents facilitating the flow of energy through the body by unblocking the flow or fixing some leak.... repairing dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream


To think, in a dream, that some one has taken your seat, denotes you will be tormented by people calling on you for aid.

To give a woman your seat, implies your yielding to some fair one’s artfulness. ... seat dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Seat Belt

1. Need for security.

2. Need for restraint in one’s actions and emotions.

3. Desire or inclination to take unnecessary risks (not using). ... seat belt dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary

Seat Belts

Fumbling with scat belts in a car may reflect concerns about your safety while moving forward in life. It may compensate tor feeling unsafe in a real-life situation. It may mention to hold yourself together, as in controlling your emotions.... seat belts dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream

Seat Of Authority

(See Chair; Saddle)... seat of authority dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


1. Position of authority;

2. Ruler ship; speaks of rest;

3. Holy of Holies;

4. Satanic powers;

5. God`s mercy seat; Rev. 13:2; Job 23:3; 2 Chron. 9:18; 19:8; Matt. 17:19.... seat/sitting dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


Cars represent how you are moving down the path of your life. Since a seatbelt is located in a car, there is a direct correlation to this symbolic meaning. This object of restraint increases your safety, which is symbolic of protecting yourself against the challenges and obstacles that you meet on your journey through life.... seatbelt dream meaning

Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Revealing one will be observing and not participating... seated dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Window Seat

A window seat may represent a place to contemplate your fate or future. It may signify the need to wait for a messenger or for someone to arrive in order to fulfill a promise. It may also be an indication of loneliness.... window seat dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream