What does it mean to see an repairing in a dream?

Repairing Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


Dreaming about repainng something may comment on the need to fix an area of your life. Repairing a vehicle in a dream may represent the need to heal physically as a priority. Repairing plumbing represents facilitating the flow of energy through the body by unblocking the flow or fixing some leak.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green


This dream indicates that you are recuperating from something that saddened you in the past. You are in a period of renovation. The object that you are repairing symbolizes the thing that you need to overcome.

According to some beliefs, mending clothing that you wear in dreams foretells bad luck.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


A feeling of or desire for: Repairing something (a situation, relationship, problem, etc.).

Healing or improvement.

A fresh start.


See also: Healing; Joining Together; Technician or Mechanic; Sewing; Closing

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


To dream that you are repairing something denotes a journey to recovery from a very unfortunate and upsetting real-life situation. Consider the item under repair since it stands for the problem at issue.... repair dream meaning


(Beautician; Broker; Woman) A shoemaker in a dream represents someone who brings peace and unity between adversaries, a lawyer, a peacemaker, a scholar or a shaikh who specializes in jurisprudence relating to inheritance laws.Ashoemaker in a dream has manymeanings. Some shoemakers specialize in repairing women’s shoes. In that case, in a dream, he represents a pimp or a brothel owner. As for those specializing in men’s shoes, seeing him in a dream means travel, or employing people to work in one’s business.

(Also see Tailor)... shoemaker dream meaning


Represents your base, your support, the thing that supports you so you can walk through your house (life), and anything you dream concerning a floor must be considered in that manner in relationship with the rest of your dream.

If you are cleaning, polishing, shining, repairing, or in some manner improving your floor is an omen that foretells of success in your endeavors to gain in the business world or to improve your standard of living.

A slanted floor foretells that you are deviating too far from your original plans and that is not conducive to attaining your goals.... floor dream meaning


1- Dreaming of tar on the road would suggest the potential to be trapped as we progress.

Dreaming of tar on a beach, however, might suggest that we had allowed our emotions to become contaminated in some way.

2- It would depend on the contcxt of the dream whether the image of tar is appropriate or not.

For instance to be mending a road might signify that we can be repairing wear and tear in our everyday lives.

To be tarring a fence could mean we must protect ourselves. It will depend what is being clone as to how we make the interpretation.

3- ‘flic symbolism of tar in a spiritual sense, because it is black and viscous, would suggest some kind of evil or negativity.... tar dream meaning


Vision: Tools are always a symbol of manual dexterity and practical sense. Have you repaired, improved, or made something more beautiful? Do you need to “improve” something in your life? Do you have talents you didn’t know about? You know which of the above fits you! Dreaming about using tools: your work right now will turn a good profit. This dream is also a challenge to become more active in “repairing” something—including a relationship.... tools dream meaning

Scaffold / Scaffolding

1- A scaffold or scaffolding in a dream will usually indicate that there is some kind of temporary structure in our lives.

A hangman’s scaffold will suggest that a part of our lives must come to an end. We may, for instance, be aware that we have offended against some of society’s laws and beliefs, and must be punished. We also may need to look at our propensity to be a victim.

If scaffolding appears in dreams we should dccide whether it is there to help us build something new or whether we must repair the old. We need a temporary structure to help us reach the height we wish in either case.

If we are building new, that structure will support us while we build, whereas if we are repairing the old it will support the previous structure while we make the necessary changes.

2- Sometimes in dreams a scaffold will indicate an enforced ending. This can be death, but is more likely to suggest the death of part of our personality Rather than being able to achieve a successful integration, we actually actively have to stop the behaviour or activity which is causing a problem. We have to take the consequences of behaving in that way.

3- A scaffold suggests an enforced codc of spiritual behaviour and the need for self-control. Scaffolding indicates spiritual support.... scaffold / scaffolding dream meaning


Dreams of mending signify that you are repairing a relationship, healing a wound, or remedying a situation. You are realizing the power of forgiveness. See Sew.... mending dream meaning


Material aspects: Dreaming of a leak suggests we are wasting or losing energy in some way.

If it is a slow leak we are perhaps not aware of the drain on our energies.

If it is gushing we need to look at ‘repairing’ the leak, perhaps by being more responsible in our actions.... leak dream meaning


A dream about sewing can be about creating something new or about repairing something than has been torn. We also talk about “sewing something up,” meaning to assure the success of something. (See also Knitting).... sewing dream meaning


To dream that you are in a garage indicates how you store and relate to your personal talents, abilities and ambitions.

If you are repairing a car in the garage, perhaps your ability to motivate yourself needs a boost or an MOT. On the other hand, if you dream of a garage as a shelter for a car, this is a dream symbol of female sexuality; if you are fixing your car, this may suggest sexual problems or inhibitions. To dream that you are pulling your car into the garage represents the security and stability that is brought about by your accomplishments and efforts. To dream that you are opening the garage door denotes that you have made a decision about a matter, perhaps one relating to a long-term goal. On the other hand, if you are closing the garage door, it suggests that you are putting off your goals for the sake of others around you.... garage dream meaning


Wearing a fur coat in the winter in a dream means benefits and profits, for cold in a dream signifies poverty.

If it is in the summer, then it means benefits accompanied with a sickness,distress and trouble. Sable, squirrel or tiger’s fur in a dream represents an iniquitous and an unfair person. Sable’s fur in a dream also means dominion, ungodliness and wickedness.

It is also said that squirrel’s fur in a dream signifies pride, ostentation, a high rank or beauty, though without any religious or moral concerns. Wearing a fur coat inside-out in a dream means showingone’s wealth and being excessively ostentatious. Mending or repairing a piece of fur in a dream means suffering from an unexpected illness. Fox fur in a dream represents an insidious, crafty and a deceitful person. Sheep’s skin in a dream represents a noble, strong and an unassailable person.

(Also see Furrier)... fur dream meaning


(Candle; Flame; Light; Torch) If a pregnant woman sees herself carrying a lamp in a dream, it means that she will beget a son. As for a sick person, a lamp represents his life.

If the lamp is dimmed in the dream, it means his death.

If one sees himself repairing a lamp in a dream, it means that he will recover from an illness.

A lamp with a weak battery, or low electrical current represents health problems for a pregnant woman.

A strong lamp that lights one’s entire house denotes righteousness in that house. Ifone turns off the light in his house in a dream, it denotes the suspicious character of the owner, his financial troubles, his death, the death of a father, a mother, a wife, a child or a sick person. Ifone sees a sick person rising to the sky and carrying a lamp in a dream, it means the return of his soul to its Lord. Ifone draws light from someone else’s lamp in a dream, it means that he will acquire knowledge. Extinguishing the light of an oil lamp in a dream means attempting to conceal the truth by opposing a truthful witness, yet he will fail to win his case. Carrying a lighted lamp in the daylight in a dream represents a religious and a righteous person. Walking with a lamp during the night in a dream means observing a night vigil and prayers.

If such a person is religious by nature, then it represents benefits. Otherwise, it means that he will see wonders. Carrying a lamp at night in a dream also means repentance from one’s sins. Carrying an unlit lamp, candle, or torch in a dream means business losses, or problems at the workplace.

If one sees a lamp filled with oil that does not burn in a dream, it means sorrow and distress.

(Also see Lamp stand; Wick)... lamp dream meaning

Repairi Ng

Repairing a brokenj ar or a utensil in a dream means correcting oneself, giving medicine to a sick person, or setting a broken bone.... repairi ng dream meaning


Buildings in dreams represent the constructions we make in our lives. They are attitudes and beliefs we have built from our experience, perception, and often from our family habits and customs. Where in real life we can learn a lot about a person from his personal environment, so in dreams a building can also reflect the dreamer’s character hopes and concerns.

The features of the building mirror the features of the dreamer’s personality. Buildings in dreams can become composite, and therefore confusing. In understanding the dream, we should interpret the main appearance of the building first, as its main function, and the secondary appearance as qualities to be recognised. Various buildings have distinct meanings:

Boarding house or Hotel - also see individual entry in

To dream of a boarding house or hotel indicates that we may not feci secure within our living conditions.

Castle, Fortress, Citadel

The symbolism of the castlc or fortress is that of the defended spacc and therefore can be taken to represent the feminine or the Great Mother.


In dreams, the courtyard is a place of safety and often the shape will be relevant (see Shapes).

Church, temple etc. also see Church Buildings in C and Church in Religious Imagery As an environment for us to consider our system of belief, any religious building will suggest a place of sanctuary and refuge. Although we may not consciously adhere to any particular religion, most of us have principles by which we live, which will surface in dreams in recognisable images.


If we are aware that the house is not empty - that there is something in it (e.g. furnishings) it shows some aspect of the dreamer. Someone else in the house suggests that the dreamer may be feeling threatened by an aspect of his own personality.

If there are different activities going on it indicates there is a conflict between two parts of our personality, possibly the creative and the intellectual.

The front of the house portrays the front we show to the outside world.

Going into/out of the house

We may- have to decide whether we need at that time to be more introverted or more extroverted.

An impressive, awe-inspiring house In a dream like this we are conscious of the Self or the Soul.

Moving to a larger house

There is need for a change in our lives, perhaps to achieve a more open way of life, or even for more space. Being outside the house The more public side of ourselves is being depicted.

A small house, or the house where the dreamer was born

The dreamer is seeking security, or perhaps the safety of babyhood, without responsibility.

If the smallness of the house is constricting

We are being trapped by our responsibilities, and may need to escape.

Work on the house; cementing, repairing, etc.

Relationships may need to be worked on or repaired, or perhaps we need to look at health matters. We may need to take note of the damage or decay that has occurred in our lives.

Igloo - also see individual entry Because of its shape, the igloo stands for completeness and sanctuary.

It is warm on the inside and cold on the outside and therefore signifies the difference between the internal and the external.

Pyramid The pyramid is considered to be a focus for power, so for one to appear in a dream is to be concentrating on the power within.

Temple - see Church Buildings in C and Church in Religious Imagery

Tower (obelisk, steeple, lighthouse, etc.)

Any image of a tower is representing the personality, and the Soul within. While there are obvious connotations that conncct it with masculinity, it is more corrcct to perceive it as the Self within a wider context. When thought of in this way attention can then be paid to other attributes of the tower, such as where windows, doors and staircases are placed. This leads to a greater understanding of the Spiritual Self.


The warehouse being primarily a storage place has the symbolism of being a repository either for spiritual energy or for spiritual rubbish.

Components of buildings Balcony (or ledge, sill, etc.)

We all have need for support within our lives and a balcony indicates both support and protec- tiveness. It can also represent the Mother in her protective aspect. Construction or demolition of a building. We all have the abil- itv within us to construct successful lives and equally an ability to self- dcstruct.

A dream that highlights construction or demolition gives us access to those qualities and abilities within ourselves. Doors also see individual entry Doors refer to the openings of the body and therefore, by default, one’s scxualitv.

The front door and back door signifies the vagina and the anus respectively. Breaking down the door can be taken to indicate an inhibition over sex and an unwillingness to face the issues. It can also represent rape or abuse.

Opening and closing the door

While often taken to stand for intercourse. this can show the dreamer’s attitude to sex.

Refusing to open the door

Although the dreamer may not technically be a virgin, for this to occur represents an innocent approach to their scxualitv.

A door between the outer and inner rooms shows there mav be a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious. Barring the door This highlights the dreamer’s need for self- protection.

If an animal or person forces his way in and destroys the lock

Our own protective mechanisms have let us clown. Escaping by another door indicates the dreamer needs to find a new solution to the one he thought of to solve a problem.

Someone knocking on the door signifies that the dreamer’s attention is being drawn to an external situation.


Any passage can stand for the passages within the body; for instance the vagina or the anus. Equally; on a psychological level, it signifies how we allow our personal space to be penetrated. Passages also represent the transitions between the various stages of our lives.

Lift A lift usually indicates how we deal with information.

For instance, a lift going down would suggest going down into the subconscious, while a lift going up would be moving towards the spiritual.

It is believed that in the sleep state we leave our bodies. Thus, descending in a lift and getting stuck represents the entrapment of the spiritual by the physical body.

Rooms in a dream can describe various parts of our personalities or levels of understanding, but often signify either the womb or the mother figure. Thus the kitchen would be the home- making part of us whereas a sitting room would be the more relaxed, comfortable side.

A small room with only one door or a basement with water in it is a direct representation of the womb, and may indicate a return to the womb-like state.

A series of rooms

This refers to the various aspects of femininity and often to the whole soul. Anything in an upstairs room An upstairs room usually signifies mental or spiritual attributes, so any object will represent an idea or concept.

The basement or cellar This meaning can be ambivalent, since a cellar can represent the parts of ourselves that we have chosen to suppress. It can also represent family beliefs and habits, particularly if the basement is that of the parents. Leaving one room and going into another If this is a deliberate action in the dream, then it represents a change of state and of leaving something behind. Empty rooms Something, such as comfort or support, is lacking in our lives. Stairs Stairs are often an indication of the steps we must take in order to achieve a goal. Climbing the stairs is indicative of the effort that we must make in order to have access to the more mystical, spiritual side of our being. It can more simply be the exertion we practise in our everyday life. Going downstairs Conversely, in order to have access to the hidden unconscious side of ourselves, we need to ‘go down’ into the unconscious.

A golden staircase

This is such a basic image, with so many interpretations, that particular attention needs to be paid both to other aspects of the dream, and also the dreamers spiritual state at that specific time. Largely it represents a ‘death’, but not necessarily a physical death.

It is more the realisation that we no longer need to be trapped within the physical, but can move towards a more fulfilling life.

It is a way out of the mundane.

Walls A wall signifies a block to progress a difficulty we have or will come up against. Often the nature of the wall will give some clue as to what the block is.

For instance, a wall which looks old will signify an old problem, whereas a glass wall would indicate some difficulties with perception. Walls closing in could describe the remembered feelings of birth, but is more likely to represent a feeling of being trapped by the lifestyle we have.

A brick wall, rampart or dividing wall all signify the difference between two states of reality often the inner psychological state and the exterior everyday world.

Windows Windows will describe the means by which we appreciate the world we live in, the way we perceive reality. Dreaming that we arc looking outwards through a window can suggest that we have a more extrovert view of ourselves and will tend to look at external circumstances. Looking inwards through a window indicates we are looking inwards at our own personality, and perhaps at our own motivation. Opening a window The interpretation depends on whether we are opening the window from the inside or the outside.

If the former, we are dealing with our inner feelings which we may need to escape; the latter shows our attitude to outside opinion.

Breaking through a window (or glass door)

This can suggest the first sexual experience.

Stained glass windows

Because of the connection with churches, stained glass can be accepted as religious belief (also see Colour).... buildings dream meaning


also see Wood

1- To dream of walking the plank suggests taking an emotional risk.

A plank of wood appearing in a dream can indicate that something needs repairing, or that we feel safer carrying our own means of support.

If the plank is to be used in flooring the symbol is one of security; but if to be used as a door or as decoration on a wall, it signifies defence or adornment of one’s inner space.

2- If the plank is to be used for making something, it suggests the material we have for undertaking a project. We may be aware in the dream of the type of wood we arc using and this can have some significance or memory for us.

If the plank is used for making a box, we should take care not to become trapped within a situation.

3- We have the raw material to enable us to become more aware of the process of life. We may need to look at what we consider to be our usefulness within the world.... plank dream meaning


(see Nails, Tools)

Stamina and courage during times of conflict. In Teutonic tradition, this was an emblem of Thor, the god of war and thunder, whom warriors called upon for strength.

Building or repairing something, often the self or a relationship (see Nails).

Tempering a situation through diligence, as a smith carefully tempers metal (sec Forge).

Making, or wishing to make, an ardent point (e.g., “hammering it home”).

The desire for security; knowing that everything you have built is going to hold together.... hammer dream meaning


If you dream of a bolt, then this dream represents that you are trying to hold things together, maybe a relationship or perhaps you are repairing a project, job or belief system. This dream may be giving you the message that it is time to simplify your life by getting down to the nuts and bolts of the matter, or to bolt, as in get out of there.

If you dream of a lightening bolt, see Lightening.... bolt dream meaning


Dreams that take place in a hospital represent that you are healing, repairing, or nursing back to health a sick or wounded aspect of yourself; hospicing the old and midwifing the new.... hospital dream meaning


If you dream that a thread in a garment is coming lose, you are in the process of unraveling a particular issue, structure, or role that you wear.

If you dream that you are sewing, then you are creating something new or repairing a communication that has gone awry. This dream could also be showing you that your relationship is hanging by a thread, and that it is either time to cut it loose or sew it back together. See Sew.... thread dream meaning


Psychological / emotional perspective: If we dream of breaking something, we need to decide whether it is worth mending or repairing what is represented.

A favourite gift might suggest a lack of appreciation of that particular association.... break dream meaning


(Or any place of residence) if we are aware that the house is not empty – that it is furnished in some way – those articles will mirror some aspect of our character or day-to-day concerns. Also consult the individual entry for furniture / furnishings. Being aware of someone else in the house suggests that we may be feeling threatened by an aspect of our own personality.

If there are different activities going on it indicates that there is a conflict between two parts of our personality, possibly the creative and the intellectual. Being especially aware of the front of the house portrays the facade we show to the outside world, whereas going into / out of the house indicates we need to decide whether to be more introverted or more extroverted in our dealings with other people.

An impressive, awe-inspiring house indicates that we are conscious of the self or the soul.

Dreaming of moving to a larger house shows there is need for a change in our lives, perhaps to achieve a more open way of life, or even for more space. Being outside a house depicts our more public side and how we relate to external interests.

Dreaming of a small house, or the house where we were born or grew up, means we are seeking security, or perhaps the safeguards of childhood, when we had little responsibility.

If we find the smallness of the house constricting, we feel we are being trapped by our responsibilities.

If we are aware of work being carried out on the house (cementing, repairing etc.) It implies that relationships may need to be worked on or repaired, or perhaps we need to look at health matters. We should take note of any damage, decay or difficulty that has occurred in our lives.... house dream meaning


To dream that you are fixing something, suggests that you are going through a period of recovery from an upsetting situation.

The item that you are repairing symbolizes the area in your life that you are working on.... fix dream meaning


The meaning- of this  dream depends on various elements, such as the con- dition and kind of water, etc., which must be cor- related to the action, but as a general guide: to dream of floating on a raft sug- gests that your indolence will lead to someone else’s gain; a dream of building or repairing a raft is a forecast of achievement through your own efforts.... raft dream meaning


Mending, repairing, creating. Stick to the knitting; do not get scattered.... knitting dream meaning


Designing a new role for yourself; repairing or altering an old one. See Clothes.... tailor dream meaning


The action and other elements must be corre- lated to get an accurate in- terpretation of this dream, but as a general guide: a tiled roof signifies swift success; a thatched roof is a warning of danger through repeating idle gossip; to climb or stand on a roof predicts an im-pressive improvement in your circumstances; to see a roof on fire suggests that the things you worry about most will never happen; a dream of repairing a roof prophesies new sources of income; a shingled roof is a sign of emotional se- curity; and a leaky roof indicates emotional and/or sexual problems. To dream of falling off or climbing down from a roof signifies a flash in the pan temporary success, which will be pleasant while it lasts but you should try for some- thing less spectacular next time.... roof dream meaning


There are many different kinds of tape, but the premise is the same: repairing some sort of damage to a flat surface by bonding to that surface, creating adhesion that keeps what had been torn apart in one piece. Tape is easy to use and ubiquitous, and herein lies the symbolic meaning: something needs a minor repair and there is a simple solution.

Look to something in your life that can be easily mended.... tape dream meaning


If something were “needling” a person, then this dream symbol would be appropriate.

A threaded needle can indicate the repairing of, or the sewing up of, unfinished issues in one’s personal or business life. If, however, a needle is seen as an instrument of health in the hands of a doctor or a nurse, then health issues may be of concern to the dreamer. (See also Syringe, Vaccination).... needle dream meaning

Inappropriate Pairing

At whatever stage of life you are, if there is a deep imbalance or lack of harmony in your current relationship, you may find that your dreams take on a warning quality, even becoming haunted and strange. Plants, trees, animals and fish in particular tend to appear as symbols of the life or vitality of the relationship; if you are having relationships problems, you may dream of trying to rescue an injured animal or watering dying plants. Another common dream is entrusting your beloved pet or fish to your partner’s care, only to return and find it neglected, dying or even dead. These may all be symbols of those of your emotional needs that are being starved or denied, and of relationships that are struggling to survive.

Other dreams that signal emotional imbalance in intimate relationships are dreams of houses on fire, bombs that are about to explode or images of starvation, loneliness, torture or neglect. These images are warning you that your relationship is out of balance, dangerously fragile or in need of rescuing in your waking life. An inappropriate meeting or pairing of two objects in your dream, for example a kangaroo and a light bulb, might suggest that you are somewhat concerned about an unsuitable partner; this might either be your own partner, or that of someone close to you—say a son or a daughter. Repeatedly getting the wrong person on the phone, seeing an email error message or simply being unable to communicate may also indicate a disturbing inability to communicate with someone in your life who is important to you.

If you are having problems with your cellphone, this might be seen by Freudians as a symbol of sexual dysfunction or anxiety. Another potent symbol of a relationship coming to an end is the image of gold dust or precious jewels running through your fingers in a dream. The image is even more eloquent if you are running with two cupped hands full of water in an attempt to quench your own or someone else’s thirst and the dream water falls through your hands

A real-life need to resolve relationship problems may be symbolized by dreams about repairing something, perhaps fixing a car or attaching things together with glue, sellotape or bluetac.

If you experience blocked communication in your relationship or suffer from an inability to get through to someone close to you, you may have dreams in which people are staring at one another in your dream but no one is saying. Such a dream may also suggest that now is an excellent time to deepen your relationship, as the silent figures await your signal for a new and exciting phase of your relationship to begin.... inappropriate pairing dream meaning


Closing something (such as a door or a suitcase) can represent: The end of a process, phase, opportunity, etc.

A decision or wish to end something.

The end of a discussion or topic (as in “case closed”).


An effort to avoid, distance yourself from, or protect yourself from something on the other side of whatever you’re closing (such as a door).

Consider also what’s represented by the thing being closed, who is closing it, and why.

See also: Ending; Blockage or Obstacle; Repairing; Lock; Opening; Next To... closing dream meaning


Renewal or a fresh start.

Cleaning up after yourself in your life (such as dealing with the consequences of your actions, accepting responsibility for your decisions, or repairing relationships).

Cleaning up after someone else (such as dealing with a problem they created or a responsibility they’ve neglected).

Letting someone else “clean up” problems, or expecting them to do so.

A broken dishwasher can represent an opportunity to “repair” the renewal or “cleaning up” aspect of your life.

See also: Appliance; Cleaning; Dish; Silverware; Food... dishwasher dream meaning


Real or imagined healing or assistance (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual).

The idea of fixing a problem.

Feeling unclear or seeking answers.

Assistance from a spiritual source (real or desired).

See also: Medical Treatment; Repairing; Healing; Health; Doctor; Therapist; Problem; Medical Office... healer dream meaning


Physical healing (such as a wound that healed) could represent: Inner healing.

A pointer to an area within your consciousness that’s ready to heal.


Renewal or a fresh start.

Forgiveness or releasing a grudge.


A need for support or help.

Healing powers can represent: compassion for others; the idea of Divine healing; desired, imagined, or a past instance of helping yourself or someone else, solving a problem, a spiritual experience, feeling special, or positive attention.

See also: Repairing; Health; Healer; Problem; Medical Treatment; Scab; Scar; Salve; Powers; Paranormal... healing dream meaning


An iron (or ironing clothes) can represent actual, desired, or imagined: Change or transformation.

Neatening, straightening, or improving yourself or something else.

Repairing or resolving a situation (as in “ironing out” a problem).

Preparing the way for or making things easier (as in “smoothing the way”).

Pressure, or the experience of being under pressure.

See also: Wrinkle; Clothes; Cleaning... iron dream meaning

Joining Together

Joining two or more things (objects, ideas, people, etc.) together can represent an actual, perceived, or desired joining together (such as a relationship, interaction, partnership, agreement, or attachment).

See also: Joining; Attached; Joint; Repairing; Rejoining; Reuniting; Mixing; Meeting Someone; Cooperating; Next To; Tight... joining together dream meaning


An actual, desired, or imagined reuniting.

Repairing a problem (such as ending an argument or repairing a broken object).

A fresh start or new beginning.

An ending (such as of a long period of separation).

The idea of peace, unity, or harmony after a period in which there was none.

See also: Joining Together; Rejoining; Returning... reuniting dream meaning

Technician Or Mechanic

Repairing, fixing, mending, rebuilding, or healing, or a person whom you feel is an expert in such.

A desire, need, or curiosity regarding one of the previously mentioned items.

See also: Repairing; Making or Building; Technology; Machine or Robot... technician or mechanic dream meaning

Washing Machine

A fresh start, or a desire for one.

The idea of cleaning up your or someone else’s mess (a problem, neglected responsibility, etc.).

A cycle, or a repeating or circular process.

Letting go of the past or reaching closure in some area of your life (as a washing machine removes evidence of the past from your clothing).

Repairing a relationship or situation, or making amends for past actions.

See also: Appliance; Cleaning; Water; Soap; Dirt; Bucket or Basket; Drain... washing machine dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-09-18-37-40-43

buying a: your solo activity wil improve your physical condition.

for children: advancement, if you make right decision.

falling from a: someone is causing you to lose your balance.

owning a: happiness with large investment of personal effort.

unicycle: going it alone wil leave balanced issues unstable.

pedals of a: you are pragmatic and authentic with delusions of grandeur.

racer crossing the finish line with arms up: triumph of balanced energies.

repairing a: your nervy yet sensitive actions create a work of efficiency.

riding, a: hurrying your ambitions wil cause failure, others cannot lead your way.

downhill: misfortune looms over you.

tandem, in: acceptance of parts of mate and self previously rejected.

uphill: high energy is needed to take advantage of bright prospects.

selling, a: you are sensitive to other’s needs.

sitting on a: expect others to lead the way.

wheels being punctured: you are letting down your body. ... bicycle dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-17-19-25-26-29

colored, a: ful of ideas that you project on it.

cracked, a: wil have troubles caused by someone near to you.

exploding out of a: expansion is crucial to continued growth and wel -being.

of own room being damaged: view of authority has been impaired.

ornate, an: shows fine artistic taste and the intel ect to support it.

repairing a: protection against the elements.

white, a: the purity and romantic ardor of first love. ... ceiling dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-16-19-23-24-25

buying a: an easy life does not come from lack of initiative.

having a: worries caused by your firm indecision.

of a: perform heavier responsibilities and duties that cannot be avoided.

repairing own: desires wil be accomplished, if you accept advice. ... mattress dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-12-13-18-36-44

blowing out: wil suffer a slight, annoying accident and be ridiculed by your associates.

changing a: having to pay a debt you thought was canceled.

flat: massage those thighs and walk every day.

making a rut: your route has been hampered by conflicting opinions.

punctured, a: wil secure safety measures that wil prevent an accident.

repairing a: relations with your mate need repairing. ... tires dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-05-19-20-27-35

breaking your: unexpected fortune and the end of a love affair.

buying: your refusal to see the truth wil cause your failure.

children: clear up other’s distorted view of the situation.

enemies: obstacles block your progress, but you wil come out wel from present peril.

goggles, wearing airplane: your boldness gets in the way of your refusing bad advice.

looking through rose-colored: reality includes everything.

losing your: intrigues and lies surround you; beware of passions leading you astray.

monocle: own faults wil determine your future; you need a new prescription.

others: must rely on your own good judgment to not miss out on a favorable opportunity.

sunglasses: be wary of hidden motives when you are optimistical y self-confident.

repairing: an unexpected agreement in a longstanding dispute wil bring a payment.

sunglasses: are afraid to expose your intentions with friends you no longer care for.

wearing: wil reach agreement and have an honorable, moderate position.

another’s: are being intimidated into hiding your inner vision.



beautiful: beware of passions leading you astray.

big: have a breadth of vision, explore it.

black: need an eye test.

blinking: diplomacy and tact are greatly needed to carry out any intention.

blue: your envy drives you from distraction into depression.

brown: a romance disappoints you with deceit and a deliberate breaking of faith.

brows, bushy: financial gains using sinister methods.

falling out: wil try to no avail to separate yourself from an irascible sycophant.

narrow and colorless: envious altercations at the instigation of the blonde-haters.

children’s: financial gains.

closed: are avoiding intimacy with a serious family situation.

crossed: your view of reality is distorted to balance your knowledge.

doctor, an: a change of point of view could change your occupation.

eyesight, having good: have clarity of spiritual understanding.

losing your: refusal to accept reality of your guilt.

farsighted, seeing: the answer is right in front of your wisdom.

glass eye, a: have lost your ability to see clearly though you can see everything.

gray: your weakness is predisposed to attract flattery.

green: unexpected big wealth of another through your perceptiveness.

grim: are groping in the darkness of blind ignorance.

hazel: must envelop al sides in your argument to gain true enlightenment.

laughing: an uproariously amusing scene for which you wil have to atone.

lids, lashes on: a secret revealed wil be to your disadvantage.

small: even with your considerable fortune; you are naïve and childish.

unusually expressive: repetitive, pointless argument wil destroy confidence.

looking at you, an: a secret admirer—God.

loss of sight in left: are unaware of how you appear to others.

right: refusing to accept the reality about yourself.

nearsighted, of being: are being watched by one with evil intent.

children: the problem cannot be solved without the big picture.

getting glasses to cure myopia: take a closer look at things.

others: change your focus to a neglected situation.

of many: are preoccupied with having others notice you.

one-eyed man, the: have great insight; use it.

patch, an: look for a more chal enging position, like exotic swashbuckling adventurer.

red: il ness from overstraining to reach an acceptable level of accomplishment.

small: unconscious fear that you wil lose your sexual power.

third eye: are seeking transcendent wisdom, but wil be unable to focus on a ruse.

wide-open: intel ectual insight wil change your direction.

worried about your, being: the trepidations of consciousness expanding.

children’s: someone is working secretly against you.

your wife, admiring the, of: are unfaithful to your wife while a rival has eyes only for her.

husband: may expect a baby.

F F F F F... eyeglasses dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-22-35-47-52-58

barren: a stranger wil become your staunchest al y at your most despondent time.

landscape, fine open: dignity, distinction and tranquility in love.

obscured by hills: wil spend numerous hours second-guessing troubles and obstacles.

ugly: wil suffer bitter aftertaste of dashed hopes.

with a clump of trees: wil act promptly on your wel -considered decisions.

landslide, of a: are overloaded, emotional y overwrought and carry the trust of others.

causing a: triumph over enemies by being sensible and intel igent.

repairing a: discovery of lost valuables in the rubble.

looming above the surface of the: money wil come easily during life; watch over it.

moving away from a: expect changes in occupation.

ordered off of, by owner, being: expect bitter disappointment with a desired friendship.

possessing: loneliness and trouble through a cheating incident conceived of by you.

reaching, from water: your projects have found sufficient foundation. ... land dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-05-15-26-34-41

afraid of, being: new ventures but continue to live the routine of a proper life.

automatic: attention must be paid to details, for a change for the better.

breaks down: your sabotage of your employee wil cause a disastrous col ision.

bulldozer, driving a: al your problems swept up before you.

buying: an investment that wil be paid over time.

demolishing, people: your bul dozer self-image is in need of repair.

handling: receive recompense for solving complicated issues.

inadequate for the job: a rock is undermining you; take your thought process back.

others: your inability to finish things yourself wil ruin friendship.

idle machine, on an: either step on the brakes or rev your motor.

injured by, being: failure in own purpose, but good profits by supporting your employer.

leasing any kind of: be practical and cost effective with your resources.

mechanic running: vain struggle to maintain love wil be worth it in the end.

operator can’t operate: have physical difficulty that cannot be relieved practical y.

repairing a piece of: dignity and distinction wil come from caring for al around you.

running: the continuous hum of an active, smooth life.

steam, by: richness and happiness come from clean efficient fuel.

runs wild: time to slow down and examine your life.

selling: prosperity; expect change in your future plans.

stops: a new career opportunity soon appears.

won’t work properly: difficult emotional communication resumes; you are stal ed.

wrongly used: inappropriate solutions create new problems. ... machinery dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-08-11-13-25-44

ballast, a broken: friends are not trustworthy when the going gets rough.

full, a: partner can be trusted if you are trustworthy.

battle, a: the sense of security al ows you to be more productive.

being afloat, a big ship: the boat wil stop rocking only if you accept responsibility.

being on the bridge of a: a sail across the sea is a lonely introverted journey.

boarding a: make amends, then leave and see who distrusts you.

the wrong: your direction is being influenced by the wrong person.

build a model of a: wil marry your beloved within a year.

deck of a, being on the: wil contribute a valuable discovery to mankind.

during calm weather: unhappiness and inferiority await you.

stormy: a productive adventure wil deserve both praise and riches.

with opposite sex: temporary temptations must be overcome to gain a long-term love.

dreadnought in a battle, a: disastrous quarrels with in-laws.

frigate, a: a dangerous adventure is eased by knowing true north.

going aboard a, with all of immediate family: are tending to the security of your flock.

gong of a, the: avoid trifling with problems in present job, return to old one.

keel: news from a lover at sea whose loneliness matches yours.

damaged, being: have lost your sense of proportion.

longshoreman loading a: a job offer you should accept within the month.

man-of-war, a: dissension in political affairs cal s you to arms.

merchant seamen, embarking on a: the ultimate productive escape.

marine troops: failure of enemies at your capable hands.

navy sailors: enemies must be defeated at whatever the cost.

mermaid at the bow of a: brute seduction leads to misfortune for the seducer.

mooring a vessel, yourself; now is the time for courage, not fear.

narrows on a, passing through: wil obtain what you dared not hope for.

poop deck of a: wil hold up the rear of a team you wish to be part of.

prisoner dreaming of a: your stratagem wil be unveiled and taint your reputation.

lovers, docking: marriage wil not be realized; must rely upon your own vigor.

scraped, being: warning of trouble in the offing.

setting sail, a: separation anxiety from a needed change.

with all sails up: wil receive unexpected good news to support your adventures.

sinking: wil have to do more than tread water to save your good name.

after a collision: good ventures in the future if you change partners.

stateroom, being in a: each aspect of your life has its own pigeonhole.

stern of a, the: wil be double-crossed by a loved one when disaster strikes.

submarine, being in a: have hidden from reality too long.

and firing a torpedo: a secret business plan comes to fruition.

yellow: joy is 90 percent under water.

traveling on a, with business people: very good fortune among fel ows.

two, going in opposite directions: a problem you can’t solve, another you perhaps can.

yard, building vessels in a: honor above your present life style.

repairing a, in a: wil be in financial distress from which you can be salvaged.

working in a: wil have money during old age if you keep your intrigues private. ... ship dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-17-20-41-46-52

being without: expect a difficult route to business success.

buying a pair of: the beginning of a lengthy project of many parts.

children’s: are overly concerned about the health of those dependent upon you.

buying new, for: unexpected good results in long-term business.

clogs, buying: are prying overly into other’s affairs; your findings wil shock you.

putting on: prepare for a wedding in the near future.

wearing: stride over your previous boundaries; continue on the route you chose.

cobbler, being a: the essence of probation.

having, repaired by: salvaging the positive from amidst the downtrodden.

finding one: a stranger wil bring a promising offer.

pair of, a: break off the oppressive relationship.

gaiters of: wil be very fortunate in love affairs if you fol ow your hunches.

wearing: have delusions of grandeur about your bank account.

others: wil be snubbed by a person you esteem.

regular shoes with: a tiresome journey is ahead, pleasantries tainted by rivalries.

having black: desertion of friend wil create bad times.

blue: a friend wil be lost to you through sickness.

suede: wil have happy days that can easily be ruined.

high boots: wil need to pay bribery to keep a secret.

new: wil have a large profit from a short journey.

old comfortable: have become too married to your couch.

other qualities of leather shoes: your timidity wil cause you to fal into ruin.

white: your future is completely secure and wil be uplifting.

with holes in the soles: your lack of confidence causes you to miss an appointment.

heel, injured: others wil exploit your weakness; take up the opportunity offered.

holes in soles, with: a major overhaul of a project is needed.

laces or buckles coming undone: quarrels with relatives over il -founded opinions.

lacking, when not appropriate: your approach is outmoded; share the new ideas.

leather: don’t listen to the flattery of others.

losing: only poverty can come from continuing on this path.

maker, a: a project you thought was dead wil revive.

repairing your: a failing project can be saved with fresh investors.

men’s: postponement of success in business affairs until your superior notices you.

of: wil have no obstacles in path to achieving your goal.

pain, which cause: your physical problems should be diagnosed.

pair of, in store window: if you relax, the goal is yours.

patched: your tactless, outspoken bluntness is causing you financial difficulties.

repairing: your tactfulness wil lead to a tranquil productive life.

resoling a woman’s: flirting, however innocent, breeds deceitful desires.

spats, of men’s: recovery from an il ness, with an advancement in position.

wearing: wil have mastery over love matters, but lose your job.

others: someone with evil intentions is watching you.

tack into, driving a: wil be asked to perform a smal service-wil profit only if done wil ingly.

tight, wearing: a foe is constricting your progress and taking liberties during your delay.

tree, putting shoes in a: unfavorable news.

boots: wil be worn out from overwork.

wearing high heels: your efforts are final y rewarded.

for weather conditions: greater flexibility is needed now.

spike: no one buys a cow when the milk is free.

wrong, for the occasion: are not listening to your heart.

women’s: expressing who you are, walking on to get what you want.

worn out, going into the mud with: period of despondency from poverty of the soul. ... shoes dream meaning