What does it mean to see an relatives in a dream?

Relatives Dream Meaning: From 10 Different Sources


Including uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew, niece, etc. Usually an aspect of oneself relevant to the character of the person dreamt about. Sometimes represents one’s family tra­ditions—unconscious attitudes, conventions, or even talents, which are pan of the unique psychological and social environ­ment a family provides.

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See family.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


Living relatives are symbolic of your current living situation. Dead relatives can be showing you the root of generational blessings or curses in your life, Ex. 34:7

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To dream of the sight of your relatives denotes personal involvement with your family, and the emotions associated with them. This dream mirrors some aspects about yourself.

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Vision: Seeing or talking to a relative: someone you know will disappoint or betray you.

Depth Psychology: This dream often reflects the actual feelings you have for your relatives. Sometimes the dream points to your own character traits that are not totally integrated yet See Aunt, Uncle,

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Aspects of self/personality pieces.

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If you dream of having a relative that doesn’t exist in real life, you may be wishing for more love or friendship in your life.

Dreaming of a cousin means you want better or more friendships, and dreaming of a missing parent means you wish for more love and also protection.

If you dream of having a large family (not your real family), this means that your fortunes in life are looking up. But if the family is unhappy or fighting in your dream, it means a run of bad luck may be in store for you.

If you dream of dead relatives, it could simply be a reflection that you miss people who have passed on.

If they are not dead in real life (but they are in your dream), then your dream could represent angry or anxious feelings towards them.

If you dream of a family member trying to hurt or kill you, this reflects your anxiety over your real-life relationship with this person. They may have been behaving in an embarrassing or emotionally hurtful way toward you. Also see “Family.”

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Often relatives symbolize facets of your personality or personal characteristics of which you may or may not be proud. The interpretation of this dream will vary if it is close family members or distant relatives, and based on what they symbolize to you. It may deal with a family reunion due to some event (like a wedding or a funeral), in which you feel strongly sheltered and protected, or, on the contrary, surrounded by distant family member in whom you can identify many defects you detest. (See GRANDPARENTS, FAMILY, SIBLING, MOTHER, and FATHER) 

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Freedom from worry is forecast in a dream concerning cousins; aunts and uncles signify money matters; and other relatives (apart from immediate family) are an omen of help when needed.

Of course the dream action must be correlated to get an accurate interpretation.

See also Parents, Sister, and Brother.

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lucky numbers: 09-16-21-25-30-33

age of: death in the family brings disappointments in affairs

arrival of many: loss in business through exposure of your evil intents.

contradicted by, being: bad luck to come from family arguments.

crazy, being: wil receive many costly gifts.

discussing matters with: the relationship of different aspects of your heritage.

rejection from, feeling: dispose of cluttered, worn-out ideas and opinions.

worried about a, conscience, being: struggles with others’ overabundant self-esteem.

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Deceased Relatives 

At times we dream about deceased relatives or friends simply because we miss them. These dreams may be disturbing but most likely are a form of wish fulfillment or are based on memory through which we relive old experiences. Some people believe that in dreams they meet up with the deceased on the inner planes and engage in “real” interactions with them.

It is normal to miss and long for the people that we loved and that have left the physical body. Therefore, it is not surprising that they will pop up in your dreams from time to time.

A personal belief system plays a large role when obtaining a satisfying interpretation for dreams in which the dead talk to the living.... deceased relatives  dream meaning