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Highest energy tree; power, strength, wisdom. Grounded in physical reality yet ever reaching toward the heavens or wisdom from the higher self. See Tree.

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Dreams of redwood trees, because they grow tall, represents spiritual growth, mastery; heightened awareness, and great knowledge that is reaching up toward heaven, while remaining deeply rooted to earth. See Tree.

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Tree that is highest conductor of energy next to the redwood. See Tree.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols


Symbol of individual growth, development through life. Roots are the foundation: strong and deep means connection with spiritual source; shallow is poor support, unaware of inner strength. Trunk represents the backbone, source of kundalini power, strength. Limbs are talents and abilities, opportunities for self-expression. The leaves are the many manifestations of your gifts, the results of flowering or producing in the world. The tree is responsible only for its own growth. Pruning brings more light and healthier growth.

A scrawmy tree means not recognizing potential, self-w’orth. Old gnarled tree means storms of life have taken their toll; one has not learned from lessons or pruned the unneeded parts. Be as the giant redwood, ever reaching upward in majestic self-expression.... The Dream Books Symbols


The Dream Books Symbols