What does it mean to see an reddish-brown in a dream?

Reddish-brown Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


(See Maroon)

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The color of work; shade represents the type, i.E.

The lighter, the easier... brown dream meaning


Symbolic of love, fellowship, food, and family... brownies dream meaning

Hash Browns

Hash browns in a dream may indicate that you are longing for home.

To dream of eating hash browns represents a need for comfort. There may be an emptiness in your life which you wish to fill. Eating too many hash browns in a dream indicates a fear of lack of control over oneself, or an inability to protect oneself from self harm.... hash browns dream meaning


A kind work done for another... brownie dream meaning

Brown Horse

A brown to tawny-coloured horse means the owner will travel to some land where he will face harships.... brown horse dream meaning

Brown Skin

(Tan) Brown skin in a dream represents mixed ancestry.

(Also see Colors)... brown skin dream meaning

Red-brown Beard

(See Reddish beard)... red-brown beard dream meaning

Reddish Beard

(Red-brown) Unless one has a reddish beard as the natural color of his hair, having a reddish beard in a dream means trials or temptations, and particularly if gray hair is mixed with it.... reddish beard dream meaning

Reddish-blackish Horse

It denotes power and progress in Deen.... reddish-blackish horse dream meaning

Dog, Brown

Balancing spiritual ideas. ... dog, brown dream meaning