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Reaching for something or someone can represent: Wanting or needing something that the reached-for object or person represents.

An intention toward a certain action or direction.

For more clues, consider the intention behind the reaching.

See also: Pulling; Wanting; Arriving

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Reaching For | Dream Meaning

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A spiritual message relevant to one’s situation, sincere and divinely inspired... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Dream Dictionary Unlimited

Reaching Out

The desire for something; attempt to grasp, control or manipulate something or someone, depending on dream; extending or giving oneself. Being reached towards: feeling of being asked for something, or demands of other people. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Reaching Out

1- Reaching out in a dream signifies our desire for something we do not have. This mav be either emotional or material. We may be trying to manipulate circumstances in such a way that others become aware of our needs.

2- We are attempting to grasp a concept, an idea or an opportunity: which appears to be beyond our reach or understanding. We mav also be trying to control others by our own emotional nccdiness. This is particularly relevant when we become conscious of rejection or distaste in others.

3- There is a stage in development when there is a yearning for spirit or spirituality. It does allow us to sort out what we really need.... Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary


Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary

Reaching Out

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