Quotation Dream Meanings

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Quotation Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

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Quote / Quotation

1- To be giving a quote - as in a building estimate can signify the value that we put on our services or talents. We may have difficulty with the accuracy - or the acceptance of the quote and therefore, in waking life, will need to reconsider not only our own self-image, but also how we think others see us.

2- To utter or hear a quote e.g. Shakespeare indicates that we should consider the sentiment and power expressed within the quote.

3- A quote in a spiritual sense signifies Truth.... quote / quotation dream meaning

Quotation Marks

(see Books, Punctuation, Writing)... quotation marks dream meaning


Gratifying social success in intellectual circles is forecast in a dream featuring quotations from well-known sources, but obscure quotations are a warning to guard against a pretentious acquaintance who may try to exploit you.... quotations dream meaning