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What does it mean to see an questions in a dream?

Questions Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources

To dream that someone is asking you questions is an obstacle omen.

If you can answer pro- perly all will go well.

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To ask questions in a dream is an omen of general good luck; but to be questioned is an obstacle dream the meaning of which relates to whether or not you could give satisfac- tory answers.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

lucky numbers: 10-11-13-25-35-39

accepting an answer to a: warning of troubles if you force the questioning further.

answering, correctly: al wil go wel from the beginning of the relationship.

incorrectly: wil go to any length to enforce your right to privacy.

asking, of children: your trusted position carries much weight.

friends: your integrity is much admired and sought after.

husband: knowing too much only conflicts the heart of the matter.

relatives: wil overcome petty jealousies only if you question yourself.

wife: congeniality does not hide the threat to your relationship.

inquisitive, being: do not despair in your heart at the close supervision of your work.

others, about you: poverty through desertion.

relatives: don’t interfere in another’s business; only your boss interferes with yours.

refusing to answer a: your frankness wil get you in worse trouble than you are guilty of.

someone asking questions of you: don’t answer loaded, prejudiced questions.

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A Few Questions And Subjective Answers Regarding Dreams

What is a dream?
  • A dream is an event transpiring in that world belonging to the mind when the objective senses have withdrawn into rest or oblivion. Then the spiritual man is living alone in the future or ahead of objective life and consequently lives man’s future first, developing conditions in a way that enables waking man to shape his actions by warnings, so as to make life a perfect existence.
What relationship is sustained between the average man and his dreams?
  • A dream to the average or sensual person, bears the same relation to his objective life that it maintained in the case of the ideal dreamer, but it means pleasures, sufferings and advancements on a lower or material plane.
Then why is man not always able to correctly interpret his dreams?
  • Just as words fail sometimes to express ideas, so dreams fail sometimes in their mind pictures to portray coming events.
If they relate to the future, why is it we so often dream of the past?
  • When a person dreams of past events, those events are warnings of evil or good; sometimes they are stamped so indelibly upon the subjective mind that the least tendency of the waking mind to the past throws these pictures in relief on the dream consciousness.
Why is it that present environments often influence our dreams?
  • Because the future of man is usually affected by the present, so if he mars the present by wilful wrongs, or makes it bright by right living it will necessarily have influence on his dreams, as they are fore castings of the future.
What is an apparition?
  • It is the subjective mind stored with the wisdom gained from futurity, and in its strenuous efforts to warn its present habitation-- the corporal body--of dangers just ahead, takes on the shape of a dear one as the most effective method of imparting this knowledge.
How does subjectivity deal with time?
  • There is no past and future to subjectivity. It is all one living present.
If that is so, why can’t you tell us accurately of our future as you do of our past?
  • Because events are like a procession; they pass a few at a time and cast a shadow on subjective minds, and
... a few questions and subjective answers regarding dreams dream meaning


Questions To Ask Yourself If Dreaming Of Celebrities

To fully understand the message of a dream in which a celebrity features you need to hone in on the quality they represent and decide whether it pertains to someone you know, or to some aspect of yourself. First you need to consider the outstanding trait for which that celebrity is famous, then you need to think about what makes that person stand out for you. For example if you dream of Madonna, why didn’t your dreaming mind select another female singer, for example Shirley Bassey? What is it about Madonna that inspires you? Is it her drive, her ambition, her feistiness or her ability to reinvent herself? Try to spell out in your mind the qualities this person stands for and what trait is being shown. Then consider the implications. Celebrity dreams may seem sweet or even corny, but they do have a powerful energy. If you think the celebrity represents a quality in yourself you’d like to foster, don’t assume you have to copy them and follow their life path. Remember dreams only depict the essence of something; the way you choose to put that energy to work, and how it appears in your life, is entirely up to you. ... questions to ask yourself if dreaming of celebrities dream meaning

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Some Common Questions About Sexual Dreams

If I make love to someone I know in my dream, does that mean he or she is interested in me? In most cases such dreams have more to do with your own feelings rather than hidden passions coming from other people. Remember your dreaming mind uses sexual imagery to give you a taste of how things might be different and teach you about love and passion. Why do I dream of being intimate with people to whom I’m not attracted? There are several reasons for this. If you honestly don’t find the person attractive in waking life, they may represent a quality or characteristic that is closely linked to a quality you are exploring or discovering within yourself. If the partner is particularly unsavory, your dreaming mind may be encouraging you to say no to things that are not right for you. Are dreams of my partner’s infidelity a warning sign? In some cases, yes, but in the majority of cases such dramas are metaphors for some kind of emotional abandonment or neglect; perhaps your loved one is showing more attention to the children—or to their job or hobbies—than to you. Do repeated dreams of my first love mean I have not got over him or her? Your first love tends to be a symbol of romantic love in dreams but when they appear in your dreams, it is likely that your dreaming mind is using them as an emblem of love to help you work through your current relationship issues. In most cases, your dreaming mind is focused on current issues. What do dreams of being back with my ex mean? Dreaming about your ex does not mean you want to be with them. Unless you are convinced that your latest ex is the ’one’, your dreaming mind is using them as an actor to represent your love interest. In most cases, such dreams suggest that you are going over old issues or relationship patterns, and that your dreaming mind is using such images to help you heal and move on to a more positive future. When any relationship breaks down, your dreaming mind will delve into memories, fears and hopes to help you unravel mysteries and gain understanding about what makes real love work. Your inner mind is constantly sorting through what works and what doesn’t work in a relationship, and it will refer back to past relationships to compare strengths and weaknesses and try to make sense of things. If I have a perfect dream romance, does this mean the perfect partner will appear in my life? In you are single and you have a perfect romantic and sexual dream, this could be wish-fulfillment but it could also be your dreaming mind’s way of reminding you that love and passion are still out there and you should open yourself up to the possibility of romance. If I have a bizarre or distressing dream about sex, does this mean I’m weird? Don’t interpret your dreaming according to how you judge it when you are awake, and try not to feel guilty. Instead, try to understand the dream and remind yourself that your dreaming mind will use sexual images—even graphic or shocking ones—as metaphors or opportunities to learn about yourself. ... some common questions about sexual dreams dream meaning

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