What does it mean to see an quash in a dream?

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Stop something one doesn’t like, but in a diplomatic way.

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Radish / Salad / Spinach / Squash

If radishes appear in your dreams, it may mean that you are caught up in an emotionally volatile situation. In dreams, salad can sometimes refer to the lack of essential nutrients offered in such foods—you may be being short-changed over something; it can also refer to lack of experience, as in ’green’. But if you are eating a salad in your dream, this may refer to the experiences that can trigger personal growth. Similar to cabbage is the delicious salad filler, lettuce. When you see lettuce growing in your dream, it may mean that you are in for a blissful or pleasurable moment in the future. If you are eating lettuce in your dream, negative thinking may be hindering your progress in waking life. If spinach appears in your dream it could be referring to the need to include extra iron in your diet. On the other hand, it could also refer to the need for you to have more strength in waking life. Squash in dreams may suggest that you are distorting or pulverizing something, suppressing something, or even humiliating somebody. ... radish / salad / spinach / squash dream meaning

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The food figurative of that which is weak and fearful if yellow; see “food”... squash dream meaning

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(See Pumpkin)... squash dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


A profitable opportunity which you should make the most of will come your way if your dream concerned cooking or eating squash. See also Vegetable(s). ... squash dream meaning

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