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To dream that you see a newly made grave, you will have to suffer for the wrongdoings of others. If you visit a newly made grave, dangers of a serious nature is hanging over you. Grave is an unfortunate dream. Ill luck in business transactions will follow, also sickness is threatened. To dream of walking on graves, predicts an early death or an unfortunate marriage. If you look into an empty grave, it denotes disappointment and loss of friends. If you see a person in a grave with the earth covering him, except the head, some distressing situation will take hold of that person and loss of property is indicated to the dreamer. To see your own grave, foretells that enemies are warily seeking to engulf you in disaster, and if you fail to be watchful they will succeed. To dream of digging a grave, denotes some uneasiness over some undertaking, as enemies will seek to thwart you, but if you finish the grave you will overcome opposition. If the sun is shining, good will come out of seeming embarrassments. If you return for a corpse, to bury it, and it has disappeared, trouble will come to you from obscure quarters. For a woman to dream that night overtakes her in a graveyard, and she can find no place to sleep but in an open grave, foreshows she will have much sorrow and disappointment through death or false friends. She may lose in love, and many things seek to work her harm. To see a graveyard barren, except on top of the graves, signifies much sorrow and despondency for a time, but greater benefits and pleasure await you if you properly shoulder your burden. To see your own corpse in a grave, foreshadows hopeless and despairing oppression. ... grave dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


A temporary place to sleep without total privacy, i. E. School, hospital visitor’s quarters, etc. ... dorm dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


1. Part of something is better than nothing. 2. Confusing (different quarters made today). 3. Football. ... quarter dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


(Sauna; Steam room; Sweat room; Rest room) Washing one’s dirt with hot water in a dream brings benefits. If one builds a bathhouse in his dream, it means committing a sin or searching for a woman to partake in it, then suffering its consequence. Ifthe bathhouse is heated and the water is lukewarm in the dream, it represents his family’s compassion toward him, trying to help him out of his breach. Ifthe bathhouse is cold and ifits water is cold in the dream, it means that his family has ostracized or banished him. If one witness the hot water pipes breaking, whereby he could not control the flow of water in the dream, it means that someone will betray him with his wife, though he will keep trying to control the situation, but to no avail. A water leak from the boiler that flows through the floors of the bathing quarters in a dream means incurring the anger of one’s wife. Entering a bathhouse in a dream means suffering from a fever. Drinking hot water directly from the boiler in a dream means sickness, stress, depression and a scare from evil spirits. Ifone sees himself drinking cold refreshing water from the regular water tab in a dream, it means comfort and joy. Taking a bath with cold water in a dream means recovering from an illness. A bathhouse in a dream also represents hell-fire, and the attendant represents its keepers. A bathhouse in a dream also represents the judge’s court, and its attendant represents the judge himself. Abathhouse in a dream also represents a prison and its guard, the ocean and the ship pilot, the evil bawdy houses and their dwellers, a woman and a pimp, or a cadet posing as her husband. If one goes to a public bath, then after completing his wash wears a white garment, and takes a carriage back home in his dream, it means that he will shortly die and the elements of his dream represent his washing, shrouding, coffin and funeral. The element of a bathhouse in a dream also represent a library, knowledge, guard’s post, house of worship, a mosque, a church, idol worship, a prison, or a marketplace. It also represents repentance, guidance, richness, healing, an ocean or marriage. If one sees himself taking a bath with his clothe on in a dream, it means that he will fall prey to an attractive prostitute who will deceive him and lead him to commit his religious life to waste. (Also see Bath; Bathroom; Hell-fire; Turkish bath)... bathhouse dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


(Cent; Money) For a pregnant woman, pennies in a dream represent a son, or a sign of gratitude, prayers and remembrance of God, or they could mean assaulting someone, or beating him. If one receives pennies in a stack in a dream, it means that someone will place a trust with him. Pennies in a dream also mean talking. If they look new, the conversation will be meaningful. Pennies in a dream also mean solving someone’s problem, or performing one’s prayers. Counting pennies in a dream means valuing one’s deeds. Nickels, dimes, quarters, halves, or other coins or tokens in a dream represent worldly gains and prosperity. lfpennies are tied to one’s wrist in a dream, they represent his livelihood. Owing money in a dream means that one will be summoned to testify in a court of justice. If his pennies are old, chipped, or broken in the dream, they denote a faltering faith. Losing a penny in a dream means wasting time and money, or wasting one’s words, or advisingan ignorant person who will not heed his advice. If one’s pennies carry the picture of a person in a dream, it means that both the carrier and the one who mints these pennies are innovators. Broken pennies in half in a dream represent an enmity that cannot be healed. Receiving money in a dream is better than giving it. If one’s actual liquid asset turns into pennies in a dream, it means insolvency or bankruptcy. Ifone’s little money grow in a dream, it means prosperity. (Also see Cent; Money)... penny dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Intimacy, being made aware of; what one feels con­nected with or has ties with; near to, in the sense of making a decision—near to leaving home; close to, as ‘close to finding the solution’; a situation which is near at hand or being con­fronted or realised now. Idioms: at close quarters; close fisted, close on; close to home; that was close. ... dose dream meaning

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Turning up the radio may represent turning up your own radar signal to hear something that may be going on in closed quarters. It may also simply refer to a desire to enjoy music. ... radio dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream


Cakes or buns used in religious and magical rites and marked with the cross originally symbolized the round of the moon and its four quarters. Such cakes later became eastertime hot cross buns and in dreams suggest spiritual celebrations. ... cakes dream meaning

Dream Meanings of Versatile


If you dreamed of quarters (the coin), you will receive unexpected gains but they will come with responsibility. Make sure you act in accordance with your inner values! If your dream featured a quarter (one fourth) of anything, you will experience some delays or changes in your current plans. ... quarter dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


A new percolator (or coffee maker) in your dream predicts a change of residence for the better; an old one signifies that you will make pleasant improvements in your present living quarters. See also Coffee. ... percolator dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


(1) Paradise may represent a desire to return to the innocent problem- free simplicity of early childhood. However, this is wrongheaded, because it is unrealistic. The garden of Eden prior to Adam’s ‘fall’ represents the oneness and harmony of all things when all things are still unconscious. With the rise of conscious thinking, distinctions and dilemmas arise, and the agonizing ‘Should I do this or that?’ (= Adam’s eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil). A desire to return to childhood in a dream is neurotic: in it reality has been ousted by fantasy - because reality was too painful. What particular reality’ (i. e. experience) are you trying to blot out?(2) A more realistic option is that paradise represents a desire to achieve in the psyche the balance and wholeness that have been present latently and potentially from the beginning. (3) If your dream contains, not just a paradisal feeling, but an actual physical representation of the garden of Eden (e. g. with four rivers dividing it into four quarters), this may be an instance of (2) above. See also Mandala. ... paradise dream meaning

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


The ocean represents the unconscious mind. It is the much greater presence on our planet, where land covers about one quarter of the total surface area of the earth and ocean makes up three quarters. However, consider the depths of the ocean and you now have a sense of the mysteries of what is contained in the lower kingdom of the unconscious mind. Anytime the ocean is featured in a dream, you are in the realm of the unconscious mind. All water is also connected symbolically to your feelings and your emotional nature. When that water is as vast as the ocean, such a dream may indicate an overwhelming amount of emotional material being expressed. ... ocean dream meaning

Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Because they travel up and down in space, elevators participate in the larger meaning of height and depth. Thus, an ascending elevator in a dream can mean almost anything from rising in status to rising in awareness, whereas one descending may mean lowered status or submerging into the depths of the unconscious. In and of themselves, elevators are often regarded as threatening, because on elevators we are often forced into close quarters with strangers and because they sometimes plummet down the elevator shaft, killing the passengers. ... elevator dream meaning

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Algeria is bordered on the west by Morocco and Western Sahara and on the east by Tunisia and Libya. The Saharan region, which constitutes over three- quarters of the land area of the country, is almost completely uninhabited. In dreams, hot sandy regions such as the Sahara, suggest a life-stage or condition in which you need a reserve of strength and a good deal of perseverance. It could also suggest a period of emotional drought in your life. Perhaps you have been working too hard recently and have neglected your loved ones?... algeria dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia


Quarter: Possible interpretations include: showing mercy or pity to a defeated opponent, giving quarter to them; dividing something into any number of smaller units, quartering it; accommodation, abode, living quarters; something that is in close proximity or being engaged in combat, close quarters. Half: A half of a circle in your dream may represent being diametrically opposed to something. If the image of half features strongly, it may also indicate lack of thoroughness, doing things by halves or something carried out to an excessive degree e. g. being too clever by half. Another interpretation suggests something that is incomplete, imperfect, having vague intention, not being fully committed to something or having half a mind to do it. Sharing expenses or ‘going halves’ is another possible interpretation. It may also symbolize the number two, as a third might symbolize the number three, fourth four, fifth five, sixth six and so on. ... fractions dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

How To Remember Your Dreams

Many people are convinced that they do not dream. ‘My head hits the pillow and I’m out for the count’, they often say, ‘and when Iwake up in the morning, I cannot recall having had any dreams’. Scientific research, however, confirms that we all dream at regular intervals throughout the night. Every 90 minutes or so your eyes move rapidly around under your closed eyelids. At the same time your brainwaves become highly active, almost as though you were awake. It’s during this period of what is known as ‘Rapid Eye Movement’ or ‘REM sleep’ that you dream. In the early part of the night, which is when sleep is deepest, the REM periods are quite short, lasting only a few minutes at most. Towards morning, as your sleep becomes lighter, the REM episodes become longer. The last dream you have just before waking up can last for as long as three-quarters of an hour. During REM sleep, your body is immobilized. This means that if you have a nightmare where you try to run away or cry out, you feel para¬ lyzed. People who walk and talk in their sleep usually do so between periods of REM sleep when the body is once again able to move. Although some people have a natural facility for remembering their dreams, particularly those with emotional, creative or introverted personalities, few can bring back the whole experience whilst others recall little or nothing. Accurate dream recall is not easy. You learn it, as you learn any skill, by developing an interest, maintaining your enthusiasm and following a routine. If you have a stressful lifestyle, try not to watch television late in the evening. Instead, spend a few minutes relaxing quietly and letting go of the day’s concerns. If you find it hard to switch off, light reading can be helpful and alcohol and coffee late at night should be avoided. They are known to inhibit dream recall, as can sleeping pills. Keep a pen and a notebook within easy reach of your bed. Leave this special notebook open and write down the date as a signal to your subconscious mind that you intend to remember a dream. As you start drifting off into sleep, tell yourself: Tonight Ishall have a dream and remember it in the morning. ’ When you wake up, lie still and keep your eyes closed. Allow your mind to stay relaxed, drifting back until you recapture a fragment of a dream. Even a single image is better than nothing. As soon as you remember anything, write it down, however trivial it seems. Make it a habit to write something - even a note of the mood you woke up in is better than nothing. It’s important to do this first thing, before you get out of bed. The simple act of changing your position in bed can be enough to make a dream disappear without trace. A loud alarm clock can have a similar effect. Do remember that no skill is acquired overnight. Be patient and persevere. ... how to remember your dreams dream meaning



lucky numbers: 03-15-19-23-41-44accident, being in a: major obstacles to your stable financial situation. buying a: notoriety is yours, wel -deserved. driving a: feel in control of your life and in touch with the universe. race, in a: wil be extricated from predicament with help from unusual quarters. selling a: al investments wil climb again to recoup your losses. speeding in a: have doubts of a new acquaintance with no justification. watching a speeding: wil succeed where others have feared to tread. woman riding a: appearances expand a minor confrontation to serious consequences. ... motorcycle dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 04-08-19-22-25-53air, an: wil lose property and the chance to stabilize. armed forces, an: revenge under the rules of engagement. being caught up in a: one inadvertent error wil cause you to gain irregular income. observing a, from safe quarters: one false move could prove deadly. own home being raided: wil have emotional sorrow from an uncertain source. another’s: sort out misdeeds or you wil lose the love you cherish. police, a: exposing a minor personal problem before its resolution wil avert an arrest. ... raid dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


lucky numbers: 05-06-29-46-48-53having a, on your body: beginning the initiation into a new stage of your life. another: wil receive a story in confidence you dare not repeathaving your arms tattooed: wil suffer because of an insatiable jealousy. hearing a call on drums or fife before taps: your ego has announced itself. ordering the military to return to quarters, a: estrangements from the family hierarchy. watching someone tattooing: others’ success wil deplete your confidence. ... tattoo dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days