What does it mean to see an quarter / district in a dream?

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This image is always a part of the dreamer himself.

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Distinguishing characteristics can prioritize, i. E. A business district points to a business need... district dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited

District Attorney

lucky numbers: 35-40-42-43-46-49accused by a, being: wil be amorous, have happiness and delight. of a: unexpected worries. policeman, being brought before a, by a: satisfaction and moral content. presence of a, being in the: wil have self-respect. ... district attorney dream meaning

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Figurative of a very small amount of money, not a quarter... quarter dream meaning

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1. Part of something is better than nothing. 2. Confusing (different quarters made today). 3. Football. ... quarter dream meaning

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See fraction / fragment... quarter dream meaning

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If you dreamed of quarters (the coin), you will receive unexpected gains but they will come with responsibility. Make sure you act in accordance with your inner values! If your dream featured a quarter (one fourth) of anything, you will experience some delays or changes in your current plans. ... quarter dream meaning

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Be prepared for some delays or alterations in your current plans if your dream featured a fourth of anything. Otherwise, see Coins. ... quarter dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 13-19-28-33-47-48being given a: loss in business through lack of investment capital. changing a: misery at its loss in value and in your age. giving others a: worry wil not be smoothed away. having a: wil be unfortunate in business affairs from lack of cash flow. quarterly payment, receiving a: bringing your debts into manageable form. paying a, bill: wil begin gambling with the money held for payment. receiving a, of something: delay in business affairs, when raw materials are delayed. ... quarter dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days

Quarter / District

This image is always a part of the dreamer himself. ... quarter / district dream meaning

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Symbolic of leadership ... quarterback dream meaning

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