What does it mean to see an quantity surveyor in a dream?

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(See Measurer)

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Quantity Surveyor | Dream Interpretation

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Figurative numbers, etc. , May be substituted; research accordingly... quantity dream meaning

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See amount... quantity dream meaning

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A very large quantity of anything suggests you are in danger of being overwhelmed by your responsibilities; keep calm and you’ll find you can manage. ... quantity dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 02-05-17-24-32-53buying in: are blessed with good friends. of articles: avoid squandering money, when a dol ar wil do. selling things in: profit becomes greater when multiplied. sending or giving, of things: wil be persecuted for crossing state lines with contraband. storing, of things: build yourself a pyramid to protect yourself. ... quantity dream meaning

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Quantity Surveyor

(See Measurer)... quantity surveyor dream meaning

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