Quadrille Dream Meanings

Quadrille Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

If a woman should dream of dancing the old fashioned quadrille it foretells happiness and a coming marriage.

If a man dreams the same he will enjoy much popularity with the ladies and may also have a business success just over the horizon.

To dream of the old fashioned dance and seeing others do it warns against taking a back seat in love or you will become a spectator.

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams
Author: Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

To dream of dancing a quadrille, foretells that some pleasant engagement will occupy your time.

See Dancing.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation
Author: Gustavus Hindman Miller

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lucky numbers: 01-02-11-14-42-44

alone: sadness at not attracting a particular person’s attention.

being a dancer: wil endure long periods of work for intense moments of pure passion.

led by a: accept the situation; the problem doesn’t desist when you dance around it.

children, little: a spontaneous outburst from a contented home.

fancy dances: big prosperity if you keep your balance.

great grace, with: need to connect with a carefree, uninhibited spirit to solve dilemmas.

hulahula, the: a string of tantalizing love adventures.

jazz, to: wil borrow carfare home for safety.

jig, man dancing a, with a woman: he is in love with her, her purpose is more basic.

married woman: are light-hearted and gay and love your work.

others: must control your passion for being too easily benevolent.

woman, with a man: a life of simple pleasures wil come soon.

young girl: wil win favor from elder for inheritance.

of: freedom of movement from earthly limits.

others: performing steps you should do for success in business.

polka, the: a good, heart-felt, kind, instinctual exercise.

quadrille, the: off with the old love and in with the new.

with sweetheart: gracefulness in creative expression.

with your wife: unity is the only solution to boredom.

rings around your partner: are pushing too hard to have your way.

school, attending a: entanglement into an already complex love affair.

sick people, before: need to keep emotional distance.

steel rope, on a: seek conditions that prevent unity while saying you want it.

tango, a: wil be too occupied with nightclubs and places of amusement.

dancing a: intense passion dissipates into intense regret.

teacher, woman dreaming of a: rivals wil step up at every lul in the music.

man: have difficulty choosing between love offered.

watching friends: joy of transiting from one phase of life to another.

others: reflects your emotions toward them.

whirling in ecstasy: contact with the divine harmonic. ... dancing dream meaning