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To dream of riding or driving a wagon is a warning against making hasty purchases. It can also symbolize your unwillingness to take risks.

To dream of a wagon full of hay, however, predicts an unexpected increase in money.... wagon dream meaning

Buying (purchase)

1. Acceptance of a situation, how it is presented.

2. Financial caution is needed (purchases for self ).

3. Good fortune ahead (purchases for others). ... buying (purchase) dream meaning


In a dream, the morning represents the fulfillment of a promise, or it could mean an unavoidable happening.

If one sees himself unhappy and miserable in the morning hours in a dream, it will denote a low spiritual state, lack of religious coherence, or it could mean sinfulness.

If an honest person sees the morning in his dream, it could mean either glad tidings of a new born if he is generous, or loss of his wealth if he is stingy.

If a farmer sees the morning in a dream, it means a penalty, a punishment, or financial losses for that year.

If one loses something then finds it in the morning in his dream, it means that he will provide a proof that will inculpate his enemy.

If a sick person sees the morning in his dream, it means either recovering from his illness, or it could mean his death. Ifone leads others in prayers in such a dream, it means travels, or making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

If the dream is interpreted to be his death, then it means a good end to his life in this world, light in one’s grave, or that God willing, he will enter paradise.

If one sees the morning and solicits water to drink, or purchases food, or barters for some barley in his dream, it means that he will overcome his difficulties and dispel his adversities. Ifa prisoner sees the morning in his dream, it means that he will be released shortly.

If one’s travels are impeded by whatever cause, then seeing the morning in his dream means solving such problems and proceeding on with one’s plans.

If one is having difficulties with his wife, then seeing the morning in a dream means divorce or separation.

If a sinner sees the morning in his dream, it means repentance from his sin and egress from heedlessness.

If a merchant or a businessman who is having trouble in his trade sees the morning in his dream, it means good news and business growth. In general, seeing the morning in a dream means relief from difficulties, escape from danger, a good harvest, or winning one’s freedom.... morning dream meaning

Buying And Selling

Buy a house, and a short but pleasant love is on its way. Sell a house, and you will soon be released from some current responsibility.

If you get a receipt for your purchases in your dream, better times are waiting for you around the corner. Go to a sale in your dream, and you’ll soon see a valuable gift.

If you see yourself on a spending spree, however, it’s a warning that you should be very careful with your money.... buying and selling dream meaning


Vision: Being at a fair: either a profitable connection or a good business transaction is in the making. You will see an infinite number of things at the fair, but don’t let that confuse you.

See Shopping.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a fair is a warning either about making unnecessary purchases or about being superficial. Is it hard for you to be alone? Do you need constant diversion or stimulation? Are you addicted to spending money, to shopping?... fair dream meaning

Address Book

If you see or use an address book in your dream, this is a lucky time for flirting with someone who catches your eye! To see a specific phone number in your dream may suggest that you need to make contact with someone and reach out for help.

If you couldn’t find something in your address book, you need to start being more independent and responsible.

If you wrote a new address or phone number in it, be careful with money - you will be prone to losing it on bad investments and unsatisfying purchases for the next little while.

If the address book in your dream belonged to somebody else, this is a warning to be more discreet in confiding your personal affairs to others.... address book dream meaning


To dream of eating cabbage, foretell quarrels with family members.

To dream that you are cooking cabbage may be an omen of dental problems.

If you dream of a garden of cabbage, beware any kind of purchases related to property or real estate.... cabbage dream meaning


To see a tray in your dream suggests that you have been spending too much money on unimportant purchases.

If you dream of cleaning a tray, this suggests that you are moving on and planning for the next thing that comes your way.... tray dream meaning


On occasion, this denotes that feelings and worries monopolize our whole being. Or, perhaps, you fear something that means a lot to you will end. For example, a relationship or a business. This dream could be showing your deception regarding some aspect of your life.

Some astrologists assert that dreaming of sinking means you have spent too much on purchases.... sinking dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-13-26-32-34-41

being on top of an: be proud of your purchases, maintain them wel .

of this four-sided pillar: wil move to better surroundings but wil be delayed.

several: aspire to wealth above your capabilities.

viewing an: al the wisdom in the world cannot foretel the outcome of feelings. ... obelisk dream meaning


A store can symbolize the assortment of opportunities and rewards that life offers you. However, dreaming that the store is closed or that you do now have enough money for your purchases indicates that you feel incapable of reaching what you want. In this sense, the dream recommends that you not make too high of goals and that you be more realistic.

If the store is a countryside store, it symbolizes evasion and protection.

It is possible that this dream also foretells discomfort, but in this experience you will gain knowledge. The store could suggest that you should isolate yourself so as to know your inner self more.

For the merchant, dreaming of a store is a sign of bad luck.

It is saying that you will suffer the pressure of creditors. For everyone else, the dream predicts prosperity, even when you do not buy anything. In this fashion, if you dream that you are working in a store, fortune will smile upon you.... store dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-08-17-22-41-47

being in a: your worth is who you are, not what you own.

small: short-lived infirmity from imminent betrayal.

going to a fish: have a high degree of flexibility that wil lead to a prominent position.

gourmet: your delicate tastes are being overloaded.

meat: wil receive honors for keeping a fresh imagination.

idly looking through a: your open-mindedness al ows forming long-lasting friendships.

of an empty: feel emotional y inept—but wil soon fal in love.

purchases at a, making: nurture your recent acquaintance with an invitation to lunch.

selling something at a: the balance of trade is wobbly now, at best. ... market dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-16-20-25-34-46

buying paint: don’t let diversion keep you from obtaining al of the details.

frame, in a: you feel the limitations of your false pride.

job on a house being completed, a: domestic affliction has been healed.

landscape, a: wil make good purchases to bring peace to yourself.

oil, in: use the staying power of your artistic talents and creative expression.

with a palette of many colors: have just begun to show your talents.

pleasing, a: a double-cross by one whose sincerity you trusted.

receiving a gift of a: immediate success of own hopes, the loss of another’s.

seascape, a: others see self-absorption as depression.

still life, a: are admired for ability to see through to the truth.

using black paint: health wil become a major issue.

bright colors: have not been honest with a friend.

white: hiding guilt to cover threats, which you need to hear.

wagon, a: a restoration of your guidance in your career path.

watercolor, in: your situation is uncertain; our pride is extant. ... painting dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-12-15-21-29-47

cosmetics in a drugstore, for: the invitation is in the mail.

different articles, buying in a: trouble ahead in financial matters.

food staples, for: the beginning of security, the basis of your wealth.

going into a, with others: opinions must be accumulated because they do matter.

that does small business: love affairs are insecure if not continual y expanded.

having purchases delivered: the contract has not been signed.

mall, of a: good fortune fol ows efforts.

being at a: ruin of another’s business.

mannequin, fixing a, in a window: beware of being left standing while others party.

with no clothes on: financial gains.

operating a: success.

paying too much: are trying to impress lover, unsuccessful y.

sales, in: the sale price may indeed be the fair price.

store, buying things in a department: rapid advancement climbing the ladder to success. ... shopping dream meaning


lucky numbers: 24-25-31-44-46-48

being in a: an unwelcome friend wil visit you.

friend’s, a: persecution.

neighbor’s, a: must rely on your own efforts.

having an untidy: wil have sorrow that causes tears.

well-kept: family arguments over details.

picking flowers from a: news of the engagement of friends wil reach you.

planting things in a: are so involved in the details you miss the future.

scrap, a: are you sure of not being cheated on purchases?

stick, using a: are measuring the length of your commitment to life.

mate: are judging mate by another standard, not your own.

salespeople: are disliked by others and are often snubbed.

working in a: an admirer wil soon be married. ... yard dream meaning