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Those that are literally blind cannot see the world around them. They can only perceive images with their mind’s eye. When the dream is about being blind, the message is of a psychological and spiritual nature. Blindness in a dream suggests that the dreamer may be unwilling to see some aspect of his life. There may be a blind spot in the mind, heart and/or soul.

The dreamer is threatened by the unconscious material being processed by the dream, and he cannot bring it to his conscious attention.

The good news is that dreams are cyclical in nature.

A message that cannot get through at the current time will repeat itself at a future date.

The very central point of dreams is to make us aware of all aspects of ourselves and our lives. Enlightenment and integration of unconscious and conscious components take time and desire. What you cannot see in a dream currently will become visible when you are more able to effectively cope with the message. This definition also applies to darkness and sleep as dream symbols.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


Dreams are symbolic and not literal -- most of the time. Cancer tumors in dreams represent a variety of unprocessed psychological and emotional materials that the dreamer may be obsessing on. They represent all of those things that bother, disturb, anger, or hurt us and that we never directly deal with or let go of.

The dreamer’s mental, psychic or emotional problems may be proliferating and infecting many areas of thought and function. You may be experiencing anxiety and fear as a result of a bad habit or a certain situation in your daily life. However, if you are very worried and cannot get it out of your mind, go for a physical. When is the last time you did that anyway? In more superstitious interpretations, dreaming of cancer may be considered a dream of the contrary, but also of warning!... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


If you have nightmares, try to understand the fears and the events in those dreams. They suggest that you might be holding on to be traumatic or guilt based conflicts. You may have a lot of powerful negative feelings that require reconciliation.

If nightmares continue for an extended period of time, the individual should consider obtaining professional counseling services. Nightmares are a direct result of overwhelming feelings of fear and helplessness, or a result of an unprocessed traumatic experience.

A nightmare is any dream that wakes you up because of its frightening and overwhelming images.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary

Pluto (hades)

Pluto or Hades are synonymous with hell. Pluto is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the ruler of the underworld, or the land of the dead.

The kingdom of the dead is located underneath the surface of the earth.

It is not only the holding place for the eternally damned, but is symbolic of metamorphoses, mineral wealth, germination and the transition from death to life. From a psychoanalytic point of view, Pluto may represent the deepest and the oldest part of the psyche. It may be the holding place of the darkest and most negative and disturbing elements of the individual.

The most destructive emotions and the greatest fears may be hidden there. However, this dark part of the psyche may also hold the greatest amount of transformative energy and power. As the unconscious demons begin to surface and are processed and then assimilated by the conscious mind, the individual begins to develop and experience feelings of completeness and wholeness. Astrologically, Pluto is symbolic of radical reconstruction that rejects harmful elements and is built on a solid foundation. Seeing Pluto in dreams seems to be an extremely valuable message from the unconscious. It suggests that the dreamer needs to contemplate and to explore his inner world; to face his fears and negative traits, to travel inward and then to emerge stronger and more alive than before the psychic or soulful journey began.... The Bedside Dream Dictionary


The Bedside Dream Dictionary


Taking notice, memory; sometimes what we may have noticed out of the corner of our eye but not processed into waking awareness. See photo. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Famous People

One s own potential, often unacknowl­edged, and projected on to dream character; a parent; depend­ing on how you relate to the famous person, your own ability to accept yourself as respected. Sometimes the person may, because of their life or roles, represent a particular quality such as courage, love, ‘ruling’ drives in life, authority, etc. Actor/actress: one is acting a role. Queen: often one s mother, a feeling or drive ruling your life. King: father, thinking.

Example: A film star I admire came and lay beside me in the night. He told me he loved me and would stay with me. I knew he was living with a woman who had borne his child, but he told me he was going to tell her he was leaving her. In the morning we walked along the road where I live, to tell the woman’ (Sharon). Sharon processed her dream and saw the film star as her own strength and determination to further her career as a dancer. Being 18 she was faced with the decision of whether to become a wife and mother—the other woman —or put those urges into her work. In her dream she chose to be fully involved in her dancing.

Famous people can be seen as social guinea pigs. Collec­tively we expose them to enormous amounts of money, sexual opportunity, drugs, alcohol, and tremendous social and com­mercial pressures. Then we examine every part of their life to see how well they cope. Millions then identify with the image they portray of how to deal with reality at its worst.

The fa­mous person in our dream might therefore represent our cop­ing mechanism. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Example: ‘The group I followed on the underground got off. I followed them.

An elderly woman friend told me they were going home, not to my destination’ (Debbie T).

To follow is to be influenced by, have an attraction to; pursue, seek something; look for. Debbie processed her dream and realised she was following old habits—the friend—which weren’t taking her where she wanted. Nearly always suggests we are being led by an attitude, hope or habit, and not con­sciously assessing present needs. Following animal: led by basic drives, intuition or instinct. Following opposite sex: led by desire for satisfaction in love. Being followed: taking the initiative; a continued sense of hope; doom, hunch, instinct; pursued by memory, pain, guilt, ambition. Followed by oppo­site sex, memories of old love. Followed by animal: see chased. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences

Functions Of Dreams

Over the years many theories to ex­plain the ‘why’ of dreams have been put forward. These range from dreams being messages from spirits; being results of food eaten prior to sleep; the mind freewheeling nonsensi­cally; the garbage disposal system of the mind; suggestions from waking experience; a computer reprogramming for the brain; to Freud’s wish fulfilment and Jung’s compensation theory.

If we do not argue any particular theory, however, then perhaps we see dreams as having a much wider function.

The most primal drives observable are survival, growth and repro­duction. Other urges, such as eating, social position, curiosity, are secondary.

The human animal appears to have survived and reproduced more capably after the development of self awareness, language and reasoning. With or without these, we remain an animal with a psychobiological nature. All ani­mals are known to dream. All animals share a certain situa­tion. They have an internal world out of which arises im­pulses (to eat, to mate, to avoid danger) and feeling reactions (anger, fear, anticipation). And they have an external world which confronts them with real survival dangers, sources of food, a mate, changes in environmental conditions.

A dream lies somewhere between these two worlds.

We can think of the human personality as being like a special son of cavity into which all these influences are dropped or are thrown. Physical sensations, internal drives and emotions, language, social rules, religious ideas; prompts to make decisions; news of war, massive media and advertis­ing information, are all dropped in.

The cavity has to deal with it, but as it is a mixture of things, many of which are in opposition, some sort of balance has to be kept. But how? And it cannot be simply a matter of throwing out all of one sort or aspect of things. Eradicating the memory of criticism might make us more calm, but it would limit the process of psychological growth, which has survival value.

Dreams can be seen to be connected with our survival and self regulating process. Because this involves all aspects of oneself and one’s experience, one cannot give dreams a single definition. They probably have many secondary functions, such as an interface to balance the internal and external influ­ences, to compensate between the inner needs and outer real­ity—a baby may miss its feed so, to cope with this primal need, it may dream of being fed. Traumatic or exterior danger­ous events, which cannot be processed immediately, can be stored and dealt with (experimented with or abreacted) while asleep. In higher mammals, infant traumas can be stored and dealt with in sleep when, or if, a stronger ego develops.

To meet the loneliness and isolation of consciousness’ or fears of death, the dream can link the waking self with its unconscious sense of unity or God.

To meet survival needs of primitive human beings prior to rational thought, the dream probably acted as a computer, synthesising experience and information, giving rise to creative solutions to hunting or social situations, presented as sleeping or waking imagery. This may explain why many pnmitive people say skills such as farming, weav­ing, writing, were told them by a vision of a god or goddess.

If we realise that the dream is an end product of a process which produces it, it enables us to see that the process’ (the survival function which regulates, compensates, links, prob­lem solves) can be accessed without meeting the dream. See sleep movements; dream process as computer; Adler; Freud; Jung. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


Feelings, emotional self; young sexuality, vulnerability.

In male dream: emotions; sexual feelings; daughter. Exam­ple: I was away from home somewhere and was helping and encouraging a young Japanese girl, who was pregnant, to come back to England to have her baby here. I felt a lot of care for her’ (Dave L). Dave processed his dream and discov­ered a lot of sexual pleasure in connection with the girl. He had held himself back in this area most of his life and, as he was learning to allow his sexual feelings (not simply genital sex), he found a deepening in his caring also.

In female dream: oneself at that age, whether older or younger, feelings about sister or daughter, the aspect of one­self ponrayed by the girl, as in following example: ‘I was watching and at the same time I was a young girl sitting on a lawn’ (Honey J).

Another girl with your man: how you deal with your sense of being wanted; anxiety about not being attractive or lovable; suspicion, a side of yourself which relates you differently to your man. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


The bathroom in a dream is the place where you release emotions and information that have been processed over a period of time. Being in a public rest room where there are no stalls on the doors may signify frustration about getting enough privacy, or difficulties in letting go.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Using a scanner may signify needing to transfer information from paper into a computer in order to process it. In this way, it may represent reading or taking in information through your perception and moving it to awareness so that it can be processed. It may also simply s: ate “Take a look at her.”... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream

Ruins, Ruin, Ruined

Vision: In men’s dreams, ruins indicate a craving for pleasure or too much ambition. Ruins are a warning about being more modest—otherwise, your health will be “in ruins.” Seeing a ruin: you are still holding on to something from the past, or neglecting something important in your life. Spending time in a ruin: something rather strange will take place—be careful. Seeing a burned-out ruin: right now you, too, are in need of some “reconstruction”; are you “burned out” from too many passion and cravings? See Fire.

Depth Psychology: A ruin might refer to past experiences that you have not processed yet. But in general, it reflects a fear of old age and illness, or of losing strength. Sometimes the dream is a warning of impending material losses (being “ruined”).... Dreamers Dictionary


Dreamers Dictionary


Dreams of feeling frozen represent emotions that have been buried deep down, that you have been in shock and have a backlog of unprocessed feelings. Keep in mind that you can begin to mend your broken heart and thaw your defenses by finding a safe person in whom to expose and express your grief.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Dreams of hate denote judgment, hurt and unprocessed pain. Often hate stems from unrequited love, betrayal or a deep soul-mate connection that did not meet your needs.

The ability to hate someone is either an extreme repulsion/judgements to a person’s behavior or lifestyle. This just maybe an aspect of yourself that you have rejected. See Integration Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Dreams of traffic signify that you are feeling mentally backed up, emotionally congested, or sexually frustrated, stuck in gridlock of your unprocessed feelings and unexpressed ideas. Your dream is giving you the message that you need to process, vent and release your stress, anxiety, guilt and shame. See Constipation.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


The significance of a cheese dream varies greatly according to its details.

As a general rule eating cheese signifies success in love.

Smelly cheeses such as Limburger, Brie, etc.

predict financial and or social embarrassment, but mild or processed cheese signifies a need for a change.

If you were making cheese in your dream, your current ventures will be successful beyond your expectations.

Dry and/or grated cheese signifies a stroke of money luck.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


A computer represents highly sophisticated levels of mental organization, thought, and memory.

A computer is a symbolic representation of the brain itself. There is an operating system that allows other software programs to run. This is like the network of nerve cells that make up the majority of brain tissue. There is also a hard drive, which stores everything that has ever been inputted into it. This is akin to the neural pathways created by the brain’s recording of sensory data it receives in the form of memory and knowledge. There is RAM, or desktop memory, which is like your conscious mind. This includes your daily production of short-term memory that is processed each night when you dream.

The process that occurs during REM sleep is much like backing up your computer files for protection on a daily basis. When a computer features prominently in your dreams, you are considering how your mind is working.

The state of affairs in your dream computer may very well be mirroring the state of affairs in your current thought patterns.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Almost obsolete, film is the substance upon which we imprint our creative expressions and the desire to capture a moment. Since film has essentially been replaced by digital media, the essence of film as a symbol embodies the idea that it must be processed first before you can see the image that is captured on it. In this way, any dream that features film in it may be asking you to be patient while you see what is developing.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


A smile is a reflex that is connected directly to feeling a sense of joy. Sporting one is a contagious experience, and when one person smiles, it often sparks a smile in another. In this way, the symbolism of smiling relates to both of these notions: that joy is present in abundance and that when it is felt and processed, it can spread with ease.

If you are smiling in a dream, then you are expressing an overflow of joy or the need and desire for more of it.

If someone in your dream is smiling, consider the character aspect of your personality that the person represents and understand that that area of your personality has the capacity to increase your joy quotient.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


A significant part of the grieving ritual in many traditions, a wake is where we gather around the body of someone who has just passed in order to pay our respects and mark the beginning of the process of letting go. In this way, a wake in a dream signifies that something has been sacrificed that will undoubtedly need to be processed in some way, and you are put on notice that a cycle of change is just around the corner.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


We raise our voices in volume when what we are expressing is fueled by anger or a sense of higher stakes with regard to what we want to express. In this way, yelling in a dream is an indication that whatever is going on has a heightened level of importance. This is also a typical dream image when the dreamer is processing deep-seated rage. Often, the desire to yell is present but the voice is unable to respond, and the dreamer is left feeling shut down by the overwhelming experience. This image in a dream is a reflection of the overwhelming way in which rage can be crippling and must therefore be examined, processed, and released. Examine who you are yelling at for more details about where in your psyche the breakdown is occurring.

If you are being yelled at by a character within your dream, who that person is will offer you clues to where in your life the rage is originating.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Photos in dreams represent some aspect of yourself that you need to be looking at, perhaps your younger self, or a part of yourself that you have grown out of but need to understand.

If you are developing photos, this suggests discovering hidden talents or abilities.

If you are looking at family photos or an album, this refers to an appreciation of past influences in your life.

If the photo is of yourself, this suggests you need to take an objective look at yourself, especially if you are given the photo in your dream. You need to stand back and see clearly.

If the photo is of someone you know, perhaps you need to look at that person’s qualities and make use of those qualities yourself.

If the photos in your dreams come to life, this indicates your continuing involvement in what the picture depicts, or that the past as a whole is still influencing you.

If you are taking a photograph, this suggests that you need to remember or take notice of something.

If you are using a camera in your dreams, this might suggest that you need to remember what is important in your life and perhaps take more notice of certain situations or people. You may have noticed something out of the ‘corner of your eye’, but not yet have processed it into waking consciousness.

If you are being filmed or having your picture taken, you need to take a careful look at your thoughts and responses to certain situations.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Letter / Parcel / Postcard / Telegram

The arrival of a letter in your dream represents a realization, usually about someone else, or news about yourself. Your reaction to the letter is important. Did you feel anxious, resigned or happy? How you opened the letter is also significant. Did you open it eagerly or did you put it aside unwilling to open it? Whenever a letter appears in your dream, your dreaming mind is telling you that something needs your attention in waking life. Dreaming about receiving letters, just as in daily life, usually represents receiving news, information or messages from someone specific, from your unconscious or from the world at large. You may be coming into greater awareness about some aspect of your life or yourself.

If your dream letters remain unopened, this may represent missed opportunities.

If the letter is black around the edges, this may refer to your feelings about death.

If the letter is from a particular person, this suggests specific feelings or thoughts concerning the person the letter is from.

If you get to read the letter in your dream, try to see if the text has any bearing on your waking life.

If the letter came from abroad, you may be thinking of traveling or are thinking of someone who lives abroad. To dream of writing a letter may tell you of the need to communicate information to someone; a dream of writing several letters may tell you that there are many people you wish to make contact with.

If you dream of sending a letter, this may be a prompt to contact the person to whom you are posting the letter or to impart information to them.

Incomprehensible or unintelligible letters may suggest frustration at being unable to solve some problem. A letter that turns out to be a blank page is a clear sign that you should stop waiting for other people to take the initiative and take the initiative yourself. An anonymous letter can be a message from your unconscious that you need to slow down and reflect on your actions in waking life. While handwriting in a dream letter can reveal personal feelings or communications, a typewritten or word-processed communication implies a more impersonal communication.

Dreams of sending a telegram may occur during times of stagnation or routine in your professional life and may serve as an urgent stimulus to change. Alternatively, dreaming of receiving a telegram may express an urgent yearning to make contact with someone. Because of their indiscreet and fun nature, dreaming of postcards may suggest that you need to be more open with those around you. According to Freud, parcels may symbolize female sexuality.

If you are excited about opening a parcel, this may suggest the heady thrill of a new relationship, but if you do not want to open a parcel, this may express a fear of intimacy with others.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Vegetables Directory

Vegetables, like fruits, provide nourishment and nutrients but unlike fruits they are seldom regarded as delicious or sweet treats. This is why in dreamland they symbolize experiences that are good for us, providing basic emotional nourishment. But vegetables are not always good news; because we often refer to people who are slow, lazy, sluggish or inactive as ’vegetables’ or ’cabbages’ or ’couch potatoes’, a dream image of vegetables may be referring to your own inability to think, function or get active in waking life.

In dreams, vegetables can symbolize the most basic human emotions. There may also be an allusion to your diet; in waking life you may not be getting enough fiber, cereals and vegetables. Bear in mind, too, that your own personal associations and preferences concerning specific vegetables will influence your interpretation; for example, if you were forced to eat spinach as a child, you may associate it with punishment. If, however, you have taken personal associations into consideration and they still can’t help you interpret your dream, it may be that your unconscious was drawing from a wider source of symbolism.

For example, if you dreamed of a long, rigid vegetable such as a leek, carrot or cucumber, this could be a phallic symbol referring to intimacy issues in waking life. Also consider the words associated with vegetables such as ’cool as a cucumber’, ’mushrooming’, ’dangling a carrot’, ’peas in a pod’ and ’hot potato’. Because many vegetables grow in the soil, they also have numerous associations with death and rebirth, often being considered as a powerful symbol of spiritual growth. In the broadest sense, vegetables are a connection to your family and community, and represent the goodness you can take from earth.

Vegetables force you down to the depths of your unconscious.

Eating vegetables signifies the taking in of fundamental spiritual nourishment, and in this sense, cooking vegetables can be seen as an alchemical process.

If the vegetables in your dream are overcooked, this could suggest that you are concentrating too long and too hard on a particular problem, or ’overcooking’ a relationship by allowing it to become claustrophobic. On the other hand, cooked or prepared vegetables could refer to ideas which are developing or simply offering themselves to you, ready for growth and nurture. Growing vegetables indicates fertility and renewal. Rotting vegetables are a symbol of death and endings but they are also the precursor to renewal and growth. Seeing rows of neatly planted vegetables in a dream could mean the loss of freewill or the imposition of too rigid a sense of order in your life. Wild vegetables, by the same token, symbolize disorganization. Frozen vegetables show a state of suspended emotional animation, whilst processed vegetables have had some, or all, of their nutrients removed and suggest the dominance of style over substance in waking life.

The color of the vegetable will also be significant. A common dream image presents a variety of vegetables in great abundance for the dreamer to feast on suggesting a desire to enjoy the goodness of nature. However, such dreams may also reflect concerns about your lack of money or abundance. As with fruits, don’t forget that the color, shape, number and condition of the vegetables in your dream will all be significant. See also COLORS; NUMBERS; SHAPES.

If a vegetable, or group of vegetables, featured strongly in your dream and you’d like to know more about the symbolism of vegetables, it might be worth doing some research on the historical, cultural, religious and medicinal significance of specific vegetables to enrich your interpretation. The list on pages 646-48 of specific vegetables and their meanings in dreams is by no means comprehensive.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia