What does it mean to see an preaching in a dream?

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A spiritual message relevant to one’s situation, sincere and divinely inspired

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To dream of a preacher, denotes that your ways are not above reproach, and your affairs will not move evenly.

To dream that you are a preacher, foretells for you losses in business, and distasteful amusements will jar upon you.

To hear preaching, implies that you will undergo misfortune.

To argue with a preacher, you will lose in some contest.

To see one walk away from you, denotes that your affairs will move with new energy.

If he looks sorrowful, reproaches will fall heavily upon you.

To see a long-haired preacher, denotes that you are shortly to have disputes with overbearing and egotistical people. ... preacher dream meaning


A religious symbol of preaching or teaching; see “sermon”... pulpit dream meaning


To dream of seeing a negro standing on your green lawn, is a sign that while your immediate future seems filled with prosperity and sweetest joys, there will creep into it unavoidable discord, which will veil all brightness in gloom for a season.

To dream of seeing a burly negro, denotes formidable rivals in affection and business.

To see a mulatto, constant worries and friction with hirelings is foretold.

To dream of a difficulty with a negro, signifies your inability to overcome disagreeable surroundings. It also denotes disappointments and ill fortune.

For a young woman to dream of a negro, she will be constrained to work for her own support, or be disappointed in her lover.

To dream of negro children, denotes many little anxieties and crosses.

For a young woman to dream of being held by a negro, portends for her many disagreeable duties. She is likely to meet with and give displeasure. She will quarrel with her dearest friends. Sickness sometimes follows dreams of old negroes.

To see one nude, abject despair, and failure to cope with treachery may follow. Enemies will work you signal harm, and bad news from the absent may be expected.

To meet with a trusty negro in a place where he ought not to be, foretells you will be deceived by some person in whom you placed great confidence. You are likely to be much exasperated over the conduct of a servant or some person under your orders. Delays and vexations may follow.

To think that you are preaching to negroes is a warning to protect your interest, as false friends are dealing surreptitiously with you.

To hear a negro preaching denotes you will be greatly worried over material matters and servants are giving cause for uneasiness. See Mulatto. ... negro dream meaning


(Compassionate leader; Honest livelihood; Just ruler; Love; Son) A baker in the dream represents peacefulness and a lucrative life. One who bakes bread on top of limestone in a dream represents a happy and a good person who entices people to work and earn honest income from their own sweat.

If he receives money for his bread in the dream, it means that he has made preaching to others his main source of income. Seeing oneself as a baker in a dream means becoming wealthy and prosperous.

If one sees himself buying bread from a baker and if the baker does not look at how much money is tendered in the dream, it means that the baker is a noble man, and he is capable of doing good deeds without anticipating a reward.

A baker in a dream also represents someone who brings benefits to others, for they all need him. Receiving a loaf of bread from a baker in a dream means earning an honest income.

If one who is not a baker sees himselfbaking bread and selling it to people in a dream, it means that he solicit customers for a prostitute.

The profession of a baker in a dream also involves talks, disputes and energy.

(Also see Bread; Sweets)... baker dream meaning


To dream that one hears ringing of bells, if of a sanguine complexion, brings him good news; but to others it shows alarms, muxnuirings, disturbances, and commotions among citizens.

To dream one plays tunes on small bells signifies discord and disunion between subjects and servants.

To dream you pull a rope of the bell, and see a spirit keep it from ringing, shows trouble and molestation; and if it be a parson that is the dreamer, it shows he shall meet with some disturbance in his preaching.... bells dream meaning

Pastor, Minister

Vision: Seeing a pastor: your constant “preaching”—or telling people what to do all the time—is making you increasingly unpopular. Being the pastor: even if it is difficult, have the courage to admit or confess to something you have done. Speaking with a pastor: you are feeling guilty about something—come clean and reduce the pressure.

Depth Psychology: See Church, Preacher, Priest.... pastor, minister dream meaning


1. The world;

2. Densely populated;

3. Preaching place;

4. Pride;

5. Each city to be judged;

6. Place of persecution;

7. Spiritual authorities and strongholds;... city dream meaning


1. Outreach Church;

2. Preaching platform; Matt. 4:19... jetty dream meaning


1. Warfare;

2. Adversity;

3. Striving

4. Preaching;

5. Deliverance;

6. Trail;

7. Tribulation Eph. 6:12;... boxing dream meaning

Four Wheel Drive

1. A ministry that does not have to stay on the road;

2. Powerful ministry,

3. Preaching the full gospel,... four wheel drive dream meaning


1. Repentance; Matt. 3:10-11;

2. Judgment;

3. The Word of God;

4. Preaching; Math3:10;

5. Exhorting. Dan. 4:14.... axe dream meaning


Seeing the accursed one in a dream means evil, sin, lying, stealing, jealousy, sorcery, separation between husband and wife, disdain from performing one’s prayers, or it could mean preaching falsehood. Seeing the accursed one in a dream also means propagation of an invented world or ideas.

If in a dream one becomes Satan, it is interpreted as loosing one’s sight.

If one kills Satan in a dream, it means that he will deceive and conquer a deceiver and an evil person. In a dream, the accursed Satan also represents an enemy of the body and the soul. He deceives, cheats, disbelieves, as well as he is ungrateful, jealous, capricious, arrogant, heedless, impetuous, or he could represent a leader, a minister, ajudge, a policeman, a man of knowledge, a preacher, a hypocrite, or one’s own family and children. Seeing Satan in a dream also meansvillainy, dirt, passion and sexual devilry. Ifone sees Satan attackinghim in a dream, it means that he earns his money from usury.

If Satan touches him in a dream, it means that someone is slandering or trying to deceive his wife.

If one is sick or under stress, and if he sees Satan touching him in a dream, it means that he will put his hand on material wealth. Ifone is suffering from the consequences of devilry while he recognizes his trials and remains steadfast in remembering God Almighty and calling upon Him for help in a dream, it means that he has many enemies trying to deceive him or to destroy him, though they will eventually fail, and in turn, they will be defeated by God’s leave. Ifone sees Satan following him 374 in a dream, it means that an enemy is pursuing him to deceive him, and consequently one will lose his status, rank and the benefits of his knowledge. Ifone sees himselfinwardly talking with Satan in a dream, it means that he will join hands with his own enemy, and his strike will be against the righteous people, though he will ultimately fail. Ifone sees Satan teaching him something in a dream, it means that he will fabricate a story, speak falsehood, or recite poems filled with lies. Ifone sees that Satan has descended upon him in a dream, it means that he engages in falsehood and sin. Ifone sees himselfpresiding over a band of satans, controlling them, commanding them, and if they obey him in the dream, it means that he will receive a seat of honor and he will be feared by his friend and foes.

If one ties Satan with chains in a dream, it means that he will win victory in his life together with might and fame.

If one sees himself deceived by a group of satans in a dream, it means that he will suffer financial losses or lose his job.

If Satan strips someone from his clothing in a dream, it means that the latter will lose a battle to an enemy. Ifone sees Satan whispering something in his ear in dream, it means that he will be dismissed from hisjob.

If one sees himself defying and fighting Satan in a dream, it means that he is a true and a strong believer who obeys his Lord and who holds fast to his religious obligations. IfSatan frightens him in a dream, it means that the latter is a sincere deputy and a protege of God Almighty, and that God will safeguard him from any fear of the accursed Satan or his army.

If one sees a meteor or a flame shooting at Satan in the skies in a dream, it means that there is an enemy of God Almighty in that locality.

If that person is a ruler, then his secrets will be exposed, and ifhe is ajudge, it means that ajust punishment will befall him for his injustice.

If one sees Satan happy in a dream, it means that he engages in sensuality, passion and loathsome actions. In general, Satan is a weak enemy, if one sees himself fighting him with resoluteness in a dream, it shows that he is a religious and a pious person. IfSatan swallows someone or penetrates inside his body in dream, it means a fright, losses and sufferings. Satan in a dream also represents builders or ocean divers who work as spies. Seeing them in a dream also could mean backbiting or slandering.

If one sees himself as a Satan in a dream, it means that he constantly frowns with people and that he is quick to harm them, or that he may work at cleaning sewers, or perhaps he may perish in a fire, or die as a heedless person.... satan dream meaning


By proximity to the sea, many cultures have considered fish to be sacred. In fact, in Asian rites, fish were worshiped; and priests, for this reason, were forbidden from eating fish. Given that fish inhabit the depths, they are also located at the unconscious level and their interpretation is associated with WATER. Therefore, when they emerge at the surface, they come to consciousness as a warning sign or to remind you of hidden emotions or past experiences. To dream that you try to catch a fish with your hands and it escapes expresses frustration and disappointment. Fish represent everything you want to hold on to, that turns out to be slippery. In addition, they are indicative of states of loneliness and isolation. To see fish inside of a fishbowl denotes a longing for freedom. The dreamer may feel emotionally withdrawn and their dream reveals a repressed desire for release. The Freudian school links fish exclusively to sexuality and associates it with the phallus. However, the cold blood that characterizes the fish seems to contradict this symbolism, attributing connotations of frigidity or impotence. Finally, we must not forget the connection between fish and fertility. This dream may announce that you are experiencing a period of personal growth. Fish oppose the material and mundane point of view of everyday life.

The fish symbolizes Christ. In many other religions, the fish has also served

to represent their gods. They are the spiritual abundance that feeds everyone. The dream may be highlighting all these qualities in you.

Fish hook It is a clear symbol of disappointment, betrayal, and deception.

Fisherman The figure of the fisherman is associated with preaching and ministry. But, the fisherman is also one who draws elements from the deep, that is to say, the unconscious. In this sense, the figure of the fisherman can be a great help on the road to self knowledge. You should pay attention to the elements that he pulls from the bottom of yourself and what they symbolize.... fish dream meaning


1. Outdoor preaching. Mark 6:12... barbeque dream meaning

Microwave Oven

1. Instant;

2. Left over preaching (not fresh);

3. Convenient; Isa. 43:19; Rom. 9.... microwave oven dream meaning


1. Preaching the word;

2. Seed can be righteous or evil; What you sow you will reap; Job 4:8; Ps. 126:5; Matt. 13:3-9; 11; Mark 4:1-20.... sowing dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-17-22-27-41-49

aisle, in a: difficulties and misfortune wil beset you.

altar: aspire to a spirituality fundamental to al life.

anthem in, hearing an: your prayers are being answered on your wel -planned work.

blasphemy in a, committing: use violent protest rather than practical action.

building, a: are loved by God, love him back.

several: happiness is buried too deep beneath your material ambition.

built, being: wil surmount difficulties while remaining true to your innermost thoughts.

catechism, preaching from the: distinction of your future position.

reading, a, manual: activities in a lucrative position.

receiving oral instruction: you can accept strictures behind advancement.

caving in: have deep feeling of regret that you have lost faith in God.

choir, singing in the: a surprise visit of an old friend reveals lover’s disloyalty.

hearing a: a lack of tolerance for one another leads to gloom.

Christening, attending your child’s: wil achieve hopes and desires.

friend’s, a: contentment with new life.

godparent, being a: be decisive in taking advantage of favorable opportunity.

communion, going to: wil receive many blessings.

children: guidance wil be received through your third eye.

crucifix, praying to a: you wil receive high honors.

hanging a: wil be involved in troubles you wil blame on others.

deacon, a: your actions wil be severely criticized.

decorated, fully: wil receive an inheritance of spiritual nourishment if you atone.

during mass, in: your approach is tentative for fear of refusal.

entering a: your making amends wil be received with kindness.

hearing a dispute in: conflict between daily life and spiritual values.

heresy, being accused of: wil assert yourself and gain stature in community affairs.

Holy Communion: wil make a friend who wil stand by you for life.

Judgment Day, at: are resigned to pay for your sins and be credited for your conduct.

parish, of a: there are no clouds in your future.

praying in: wil be kept from the wrong path if you cooperate with the family.

priest in, being with a: harbor guilt and shame for breaking important rules.

Sabbath, observing the: wil participate in the ritual.

reveling in the: wil mock the very truth of your life.

sacrilege, committing a: wil suffer much misery.

salvation, institution, joining a: a rude awakening for your family.

Savior, praying to the: desires wil be granted in the future.

granting wishes: spiritual healing has been earned, prayers are answered.

seated in: wil change habits, with the strength of spiritual forces.

talking in: friends are envious of your relationship with the forces of life.

vicar of a, talking to the: people wil cause anguish.

yard, being in: a sense of what is fundamental to al life and death.

others in a: cycles of life and growth, reproduction and interdependence. ... church dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-11-15-24-28-31

black clothing of a: danger of dealing with the depths without wise counsel.

company of a woman, in the: financial frivolity on her part, social concern on his.

giving advice: true friends hold your advice in high esteem.

judge, being with a: expect serious disappointment; sins must be atoned for.

outside a church: clear up outstanding debts to society before entertaining an entry.

preaching: your promotion wil be envied and criticized as usurping another’s rights. ... minister dream meaning