Pop quiz Dream Meanings

Pop Quiz Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

You are being tested on a small amount of knowledge, experience, or wisdom in a very unexpected manner.

(See Taking a Test, Exams.)

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox


See “test”... quiz dream meaning

Questionnaire / Quiz

To be answering a questionnaire or quiz in a dream suggests we may be making an attempt to change our circumstances without being certain of what we should actually do to bring about the change.

A questionnaire depicts the use of our mental faculties in a focused, decision-making way.

Questioning the inevitable is a way forward spiritually.... questionnaire / quiz dream meaning


Fast money... pop-corn dream meaning

Soda Pop

(see Beverages)

The bubbles in this drink reflect an upbeat, happy attitude that can lift the spirits of those around you.

Health: In the Victorian era, soda was only available by prescription, and used to help overcome sickness.

Refreshed energy, zest, or outlooks.... soda pop dream meaning

Pop Ups

Dreams of pop ups express your frustration at being interrupted, intruded upon and having your space invaded and disrespected. Also, this dream could be a message for you to be more mindful and sensitive about other people’s feelings.... pop ups dream meaning


To dream of drinking pop (like Coke or Pepsi), suggests that you are seeking more pleasure or excitement in your life.... pop dream meaning