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lucky numbers: 04-08-11-13-25-44

ballast, a broken: friends are not trustworthy when the going gets rough.

full, a: partner can be trusted if you are trustworthy.

battle, a: the sense of security al ows you to be more productive.

being afloat, a big ship: the boat wil stop rocking only if you accept responsibility.

being on the bridge of a: a sail across the sea is a lonely introverted journey.

boarding a: make amends, then leave and see who distrusts you.

the wrong: your direction is being influenced by the wrong person.

build a model of a: wil marry your beloved within a year.

deck of a, being on the: wil contribute a valuable discovery to mankind.

during calm weather: unhappiness and inferiority await you.

stormy: a productive adventure wil deserve both praise and riches.

with opposite sex: temporary temptations must be overcome to gain a long-term love.

dreadnought in a battle, a: disastrous quarrels with in-laws.

frigate, a: a dangerous adventure is eased by knowing true north.

going aboard a, with all of immediate family: are tending to the security of your flock.

gong of a, the: avoid trifling with problems in present job, return to old one.

keel: news from a lover at sea whose loneliness matches yours.

damaged, being: have lost your sense of proportion.

longshoreman loading a: a job offer you should accept within the month.

man-of-war, a: dissension in political affairs cal s you to arms.

merchant seamen, embarking on a: the ultimate productive escape.

marine troops: failure of enemies at your capable hands.

navy sailors: enemies must be defeated at whatever the cost.

mermaid at the bow of a: brute seduction leads to misfortune for the seducer.

mooring a vessel, yourself; now is the time for courage, not fear.

narrows on a, passing through: wil obtain what you dared not hope for.

poop deck of a: wil hold up the rear of a team you wish to be part of.

prisoner dreaming of a: your stratagem wil be unveiled and taint your reputation.

lovers, docking: marriage wil not be realized; must rely upon your own vigor.

scraped, being: warning of trouble in the offing.

setting sail, a: separation anxiety from a needed change.

with all sails up: wil receive unexpected good news to support your adventures.

sinking: wil have to do more than tread water to save your good name.

after a collision: good ventures in the future if you change partners.

stateroom, being in a: each aspect of your life has its own pigeonhole.

stern of a, the: wil be double-crossed by a loved one when disaster strikes.

submarine, being in a: have hidden from reality too long.

and firing a torpedo: a secret business plan comes to fruition.

yellow: joy is 90 percent under water.

traveling on a, with business people: very good fortune among fel ows.

two, going in opposite directions: a problem you can’t solve, another you perhaps can.

yard, building vessels in a: honor above your present life style.

repairing a, in a: wil be in financial distress from which you can be salvaged.

working in a: wil have money during old age if you keep your intrigues private. ... ship dream meaning

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days


1. Watchman (friend or enemy); Isa. 56:10-11;

2. Personal Pet; friend, “A dog is man’s best friend” (protector)

3. Demon (evil spirit); Ps. 22:20;

4. Symbolizes the world; Matt. 7:6a

5. Turning back to old ways; 2 Pet. 2:10, 22;

6. Those who want to tear you apart.

• Doggy Kennels

- Rehabilitation centre; 2 Sam. 9:4-5, 8.

• Dog Poop

- Offense; Zeph. 1:17 Ps. 119:165

• Dog Wash

- Rehabilitation ministry; 2 Sam. 9:6.

• Dog wagging tail

- Acceptance as a friend;

• Dog barking

- Warning of danger.

• Dog with tucked tail

- Guilt; Prov. 26:17... dog dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model


Despite what it may seem, excrement in dreams are associated with money and wealth. Handling it indicates the desire to improve and excel. The act of defecating also symbolizes elimination of all waste and excess, except when it is difficult to do so (constipation). In the latter case, the dream reflects greed and stubbornness. (See MANURE and DEFECATION)

Stepping on dog poop in a dream promises windfall in business.... excrement dream meaning

The Big Dictionary of Dreams


A dream about a party can be a straightforward representation of social pleasure.

If we are the primary guest (e.g., at a birthday party), then it could be reflecting either our experience of receiving recognition or our desire for recognition.

The dream might also be drawing on any number of different idiomatic connotations, such as the “life of the party,” a “party pooper,” or “the party if over.”... party dream meaning

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Birds represent physical and emotional freedom. They can also represent religious feelings. Some more meanings: Dreams of black birds represent the “dark side” of the dreamer’s personality.

To dream of bird poop is a lucky omen, foretelling good fortune.

To see bird eggs in your dream symbolizes money.

To see birds hatching in your dream means you will be successful in your goals, but not for a while.

To see a bird nest in your dream represents independence and the need for allies.

To dream of dead or dying birds foretells a period of coming disappointments. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are constantly on your mind.

To dream of aggresive birds (if they were attacking you, or killing people, in your dream) is a warning to be careful with those around you. Take notice on who you know in your waking life that could remind you of a bird, or who has a name that sounds like a bird’s name - this is the person to watch out for.

To dream of a cooked bird, suggests that you’re feeling guilty about something. You fear that someone will “find you out”, or believe they already have. Also see “Aviary” and “Birdcage”, “Birdhouse” and “Birdseed”, below.... bird dream meaning

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