What does it mean to see an policeman in a dream?

Policeman Dream Meaning: From 5 Different Sources


(1) A policeman may be a super-ego symbol, representing taboos stemming from childhood.

(2) If someone in the dream is arrested by policemen, this may symbolize sexuality or emotions restrained by feelings of guilt.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


1. Angel,

2. Authority concerning the law,

3. Legal ground;

4. Protection; Luke 10:19; (4) Exod. 23:20;Ps. 91:11.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


(Crocodile; Guardian; Mercury; Thunder; Watchman) A policeman in a dream represents security and peace, prayers, a secret friendship, a hidden love, protection against Satan or his party, or perhaps he may represent one’s guardian dog.

A policeman in a dream also represents the angel of death, a fright, or distress.

If a policeman brings his helpers with him in a dream, it means a scare, sorrows, sufferings, punishment, or a danger. He also may represent an evil person, a perfidious and a harmful beast or a lion.

If someone in authority sees himself befriending a policeman in a dream, it means that he will make a new covenant, or introduce an amendment to the law, or draft a new constitution which he will sign. Ifone sees himselfputting a policeman in prison in a dream, it means that he will engage in a political fight.

(Also see Crocodile; Lieutenant; Mercury’)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Father figure, authority, and person of respect—in short, a symbol for the superego.

A feeling of oppression and dissatisfaction, possibly a sign of immature masculinity. This dream image points to the danger of an impersonal and abstract consciousness. It challenges you to find out if you have a mind of your own or are strictly submitting to an authoritarian direction. Does law and order play a big role in your life? Or would you rather be a friend and helper? Maybe you should bring more of your own personality and opinions into the game. Take a chance, be more liberated and more responsible.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


Help is available; guidance.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

2 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Policeman / Woman

See roles. ... policeman / woman dream meaning

Detective / Policeman

If a detective appears in your dream, this may be a sign that you may be attempting to solve an issue or are worrying about something that needs to be cleared up.

If a detective is following you within a dream, it may be a sign that other people want to know more about you. A dream about a police officer or army officer may suggest the importance of following correct procedure or correct behavior. Perhaps an aspect of your behavior in waking life is upsetting others?

Policemen can also represent the father figure, whilst a policewoman can bring to mind a dominant female in your life. A fireman relates to how you deal with your emotions or outbursts of energy.... detective / policeman dream meaning