What does it mean to see an plate in a dream?

Plate Dream Meaning: From 13 Different Sources


Example: ‘I am at a wedding at which we are being served a celebratory chicken lunch. Whilst my back is turned for a moment one of the other guests on the table (who is female but whom I do not know) removed my plate and sub­stitutes it with a plate of food which doesn’t contain chicken. When I challenge this, I am told that there is no more. At this I rather petulantly decide to leave the wedding’ (Brian Y). Brian uses a plate of food to represent the good things he feels are rightfully his in life, but his negative emotions in a rela­tionship with a female rob him of this.

If food on plate: what one has a sense of ownership about; what one has received or hopes to receive from others, or from one’s own efforts, what you have created and now face. Communal plate: what is available to you but you may have to compete for or share—in work, relationship, life. Empty plate: one’s needs, appetites; receptivity; perhaps status, as in the past only the rich had plates. Idioms: handed to one on a plate; on one’s plate. See food.

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Used to serve food, a plate may represent the receptacle for receiving and welcoming food and nurtunng. Breaking a plate may signify that your ability to accept what life has to offer has been damaged, perhaps by your feelings of unworthiness.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green


1. Provision/food;

2. Word play I have enough on my plate; Ps. 73:25-26

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Used to serve spiritual nourishment; research any details; see “food”

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A plate contains nourishment, so dreaming about a plate can refer metaphorically to how we nourish our emotional life. An empty plate can thus mean that our needs are not being fulfilled.

If the plate is overly full, it could be alluding to the expression about being overly busy, having a “full plate.”

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Vision: Seeing a plate: you will receive a dinner invitation.

A plate full of food: you can count on the successful completion of your plans and project.

An empty plate: misfortune. Breaking a plate: difficult days and worries are ahead.

A silver plate means that you will take part in a formal, sophisticated event or receive an invitation to one.

Depth Psychology: A plate represents your responsibilities and your desires and needs. What do you have on your plate? Is the plate full or empty? Are you eating from the plate? See Cup.

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In a dream, a plate represents one’s beloved, or it could mean going through hard times, or it could represent locusts or money.

A plate in a woman’s dream represents the best man in her circles.

If a man sees a plate in his dream, it represents the most respected woman in his circles.

If one sees a covered plate being taken out of the room of a sick person, the contents represent the cause of his illness.

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To dream of plates full of food, symbolizes good fortune.

If the plates are empty but very beautiful, they predict luck in love affairs.

If they are empty and dull, they symbolize a boring period of your life. Broken, damaged, or dirty plates foretell family quarrels or domestic problems.

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1. Emotional and intellectual capacity, or “how much can one take.” 2. A measure of overall prosperity in life, achievements (note how full the plate is).

3. Domestic disharmony, arguments (to break a plate or see broken plates).

4. A period of “famine”—likely social, sometimes emotional (an empty plate).

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Dreams of an empty plate signify that you are open to receiving a new helping of nutrition, nourishing, or you are feeling needy and hungry for a new life experience. Dreams of a full plate represent that you have an active life, and a busy social calendar.

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1- A plate can be simple or ornate. In dreams the interpretation will depend on this fact.

A simple plate will indicate a need for simplicity within our lives, whereas a more ornate one may suggest the need for celebration.

If we are holding the plate, we are aware of what we have received from other people.

If someone else is giving us the plate they are offering us something which belongs to them, but which we can now share.

2- The plate as a container is an important image.

If it is more bowl-shaped, it will represent what belongs to the feminine; if flat it will suggest some kind of group ownership.

An empty plate signifies one’s self-involved needs and appetites, whereas a communal plate highlights what there is to share.

The pattern and colour of the plate may be important (see Pattern in Shapes and Colour).

3- Formerly, plates were often only owned by the rich. Spiritually, to own a plate suggests that we have achieved a certain level of awareness.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


For a woman to dream of plates, denotes that she will practise economy and win a worthy husband.

If already married, she will retain her husband’s love and respect by the wise ordering of his household. See Dishes.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


If you have a great capacity to give to others, probably in one of your dreams you have seen a plate. Not surprisingly, this element says that you are willing to serve your fellows.

If the dish is full of foods, it represents the food that is within you (tenderness, solidarity, etc.); however, if the plate is empty, you must find a way to fill it.

If you are washing a stack of dishes, the dream may suggest certain boredom and monotony. Dreaming that you break plates is, however, a mechanism of the unconscious to discharge accumulated tension and provide some peace and quiet.

Dreaming of plates is an excellent omen of health and wealth. You will never fail to have a plate on the table.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

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