What does it mean to see an plant in a dream?

Plant Dream Meaning: From 10 Different Sources


see Flower, Tree

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd


You see lush plants: prosperity for you and your family; • Lush plants in the front yard of your house: you will have many things to celebrate; • You witness regrowth of withered leaves: your children will have a promisin

Chine Dream Interpretation | Duke Zhou


A green plant is good service; dried is useless; artificial is hypocrisy; research the type of plant

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


Vision: Seeing plants: favorable connections are possible— maybe even a wedding. Watering plants: a happy family and social advancement. See Bush, Flower, Meadow, Tree. Looking at a creeping plant: you are afraid, uncertain, and full of self-doubt.

A vine refers to instability and fears that interfere with your life.

Depth Psychology: Dreaming about a creeping vine means that you are insecure and fearful, and these feelings are getting in your way.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


Ifan inconsistent or a thoughtless person sees a plant in his dream, it means blessings, receiving praises, guidance, growing determination, or becoming decisive.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


See Tree, Flower.

A plant often represents a part of the dreamer.

It is a symbol of growth, naturalness, but also that which is slow and logical.

This dream image often suggests the need to plant something, pointing to the development of the dreamer’s talents and abilities.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


Dreams of a plant are a message to become grounded, grow roots, and to stand firm in your convictions while developing mastery in your area of expertise.

If you dream of a manufacturing plant, then this dream is about efficiency, and youmass production of your ideas, visions and plans. See Flower and Garden.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


Healthy plants, growing indoors or out, are an omen of general good luck in your current undertakings, and the omen is intensified if the plants were in bloom; however, if they were wilted or in poor condition, they signify a warning of possible difficulties due to careless planning.

A dream of repotting, watering, feeding, or setting out plants is a promise of a contented homelife in comfortable circumstances.

See also Foliage, Flowers, Garden, and Colors.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Growth, development, evolution, or refinement.

A person, their life, or their quality of life.

Life force, nature, or a higher power.

Doing good work, or producing good or useful things.

Consider the plant’s characteristics, context, and what that stood out about it (for example, a sick plant might represent a perceived imbalance in your life, and a thriving plant might represent vibrancy).

If a particular part of the plant stood out, consider its individual meaning.

Consider also the type of plant.

A palm tree might represent a warm climate or a relaxed feeling (or a desire for such).

A fruit tree or flowering plant might represent productivity or creativity.

A prickly cactus might represent a threat, obstacle, or irritable person.

See also: Planting; Seed; Sprout; Root; Stem or Trunk; Branch; Leaf; Garden; Lawn; Field; Tree; Flower; Vine; Farming; Landscape

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


Growth; depending on number, size and quality, represents aspects of growth in your life.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

26 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


1. A measure of health and well-being (note condition of plants).

2. Personal, emotional growth.

3. Progress in affairs and plans. ... plants dream meaning


Sowing spiritual seed, i.E. Words and deeds of service with the expectation of a harvests; see “reaping”... planting dream meaning

Power Plant

Visiting a power plant may mention the need to get to know or realize the source of your power, where it really comes from.

A nuclear power plant may comment on a destruc- rive potential in your immediate environment that could easily destroy your life.... power plant dream meaning

Jade Plant

See “jade”... jade plant dream meaning


A family owned business... plantation dream meaning

Angelica (plant)

One should go to where it’s hot and sunny to get away from it all. ... angelica (plant) dream meaning

Cotton Plantation

Owning a cotton plantation in a dream signifies having money and trouble.

(Also see Carder; Cotton)... cotton plantation dream meaning

Indigo Plant

(See Tree)... indigo plant dream meaning

Perennial Plant

(See Iris)... perennial plant dream meaning

Plant Lice

(See Nit)... plant lice dream meaning

Plantations Guard

(See Rural warden)... plantations guard dream meaning

Planting A Tree

(Seedling; Tree) Planting a tree in a dream means receiving honors or befriending a noble person, depending on the value, quality and substance of such a tree. Planting a seedling that does not grow in a dream means growing pains, depression and sufferings.

A tree that grows in the dream represents one’s dealing with others. In this sense, it could either grow or die.

The branches of a tree represent one’s brethren and children.

(Also see Tree)... planting a tree dream meaning

Seeds Grown Into Plants Or Trees

It is a glad tiding that his good deeds a re accepted by Allah Ta’ala and that he will attain popularity, credibility and dignity in this world as a result of his good actions. At other times seeds may be interpreted as one’s children on condition that the field wherein the seeds are sewn is seen in its entirety and he is familiar with it.... seeds grown into plants or trees dream meaning

Wild Plants

(Forest; Hidden; Manifest; Woods) Eating wild plants in the wilderness in a dream represents hard earned money. Wild plants are also interpreted as a person whose goodness is hidden and whose heart is better than what his appearance may suggest.

(Also see Wild thyme)... wild plants dream meaning

Electricity (as In Power Plant)

Symbol for energy, supply, and transformation of power; or you may be under tension.

If there is an accident in an power plant, and you can’t handle internal tension, this indicates repressed urges—see Termination, Attack, Fire, Surf, Kidnapping, Defloration, Flame, Violence, Greed, Harem, Skin Rash, Wire (High-Tension), Hooker / Prostitute, and in part Elf.... electricity (as in power plant) dream meaning

Foxglove (plant)

Death and rebirth, medicine, and poison.

Folklore: Usually a sign of good fortune.... foxglove (plant) dream meaning

Leaf (of A Plant)

Being subjected to changes, or Letting Go. Similar to Abyss, Brook / Stream, and sometimes Parachute, only in more playful terms.

A wilted leaf means troubles.

A green leaf means rejuvenation, fulfillment of a wish.... leaf (of a plant) dream meaning

Plowing - Planting

(see Earth, Garden)... plowing - planting dream meaning

Plants, Broadleaf

With its sturdy structure, a plant with broad leaves may represent a broadening of yojr perspective. They may also indicate that you have just had a huge growth expenence emotionally and psychologically.... plants, broadleaf dream meaning

Herbs Or Plants

Signs of good fortune in almost any case, as they are favoured by Nature. But they must be growing vigorously.

If Flowers are seen, it is a very good sign.... herbs or plants dream meaning

Cane (plant)

Reeds are fragile and flexible at the same time. They can point to a situation of insecurity or instability. Cutting cane is interpreted as a symbol of longevity. A sugar cane indicates a high degree of sensuality and serenity. A fishing cane (rod) is a means to a livelihood.

It is important to analyze the other oneiric symbols for a correct interpretation.... cane (plant) dream meaning

Plants And Trees

In dreams, ivy can suggest determination and persistence to overcome problems. It can also suggest an unwanted presence in your life because despite its attractive appearance, ivy is hard to get rid of in a garden.

Firmly associated with kissing at Christmas, mistletoe was once believed to have great healing powers and symbolized wisdom. Today the dream is likely to have sexual overtones and may signify your attraction to someone in waking life.... plants and trees dream meaning

Planting A Seed

A dream of a seed or a pip may suggest the germ of an idea that will grow into something important, if you find the determination and patience to follow it through. A dream about spreading manure carries the same implication, suggesting that an idea or notion needs feeding and nurturing. See also NATURE AND THE SEASONS.... planting a seed dream meaning

Factory / Office / Processing Plant

To dream of these types of building, filled with people slaving away on computers, production lines or machines, might be a reflection of the obsessive worker part of your personality and any anxieties that you may feel about being a workaholic. The conditions in the factory, office or plant will symbolize the health of your creative drive.

If the conditions are hideous like those in a sweatshop, are you working in a highly paid job that discourages your spirit? If the factory is high-tech or manic, consider how it reflects your love of the work you do. See also SCHOOL AND WORK.... factory / office / processing plant dream meaning


1. Fruitfulness; Eccl. 2:5; Song. 4:13.... orchard/plantation dream meaning

Potted Plant

1. Represents a young believer with limited root structure.... potted plant dream meaning