The meaning of the symbols of plan, round, green, roundal seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of plan, round, green and roundal mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Plan Round Green Roundal


Spiritual peace, prosperity, life, service... green dream meaning


Going in circles and not getting anywhere because of merry activity... merry-go-round dream meaning

Round Table

1- A round table in a dream is a symbol of wholeness. Partly because of the tales of King Arthur, there are various mvths associated with a round table, but essentially it indicates that everyone is equal.

2- The round table is a representation of the heavens, since the twelve knights are the signs of the Zodiac (see Zodiac). In dreams we arc continually trying to create perfection and this is one such dream.

3- Spiritually the tabic suggests a centre, but one from which all things can begin.... round table dream meaning

Plan / Plans

Plans are diagrams designed to help in certain tasks, whether that is construction or in the sense of a map. They are of assistance in spiritual development in that they let us see the way forward.... plan / plans dream meaning


Infinity... round dream meaning


To dream of looking at architects* plans is a forecast of a new and important friendship; if you dreamed of drawing plans, it is a warning of possible trickery regarding an offer or a deal you are currently contemplating.

It is likely to cost more than you’ve been told, so think it over carefully.... plan(s) dream meaning

Round-trip Ticket

Informing one to expect a return... round-trip ticket dream meaning

Green (color)

1. Virginity.

2. Birth.

3. Dissatisfaction.

4. A new ex­perience or fear of new experiences.

5. One feels at home in a healthy outdoor environment.

6. “Green light” to go ahead on some project.

7. Someone is feeling “green with envy” at the achievements of someone else. ... green (color) dream meaning

Donning Green Clothes

A pleasant dream for both the living and dead since green is the colour of the people of Jannah.... donning green clothes dream meaning

Green Fields

(See Crop)... green fields dream meaning

Green Fruit

If green fruit is seen, it suggests wealth which will be of no benefit to the observer.... green fruit dream meaning

Green Mare

He will marry a woman with a charming personality and a sweet, singing voice.... green mare dream meaning

Green Gages

To dream of eating these plums denotes trouble and grief (Raphael). This bit of interpretation is plainly due to physical stimuli.... green gages dream meaning

Olive Green

Olive green represents achieving peace through nature. It signifies the wisdom within nature.... olive green dream meaning

Green Light

Dreams of a green light represent that all lines of traffic have opened up for you and the universe is motioning you to go forward with your dreams.

See Green.... green light dream meaning

Cicadas, Big, Green

big emotional issue becoming known. ... cicadas, big, green dream meaning

Emerald Green

Wizard of Oz programming. ... emerald green dream meaning

Green Bmw

Past emotions quickly coming to the surface.... green bmw dream meaning

Green Grass

Past Issues.... green grass dream meaning

Green Vegetables

Healthy and simple, green vegetables allude to a simple style of life, without complications (usually they are fresh or cooked).

The vegetable in dreams has a positive meaning, since it announces success in negotiations and satisfaction in love. It also provides the accomplishment of the most hidden desires, in general, the end of some type of badness.... green vegetables dream meaning

Design Or Plan

A design, plan, or strategy can represent: An actual plan in real life, or feeling the need for one.

Intentions or motivations.

Forethought or planning.




Problem solving.

See also: Making or Building; Shaping; Problem; Creativity; Manager; Leader; Cooking; Sewing... design or plan dream meaning