What does it mean to see an persecute / persecution in a dream?

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See torment

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Persecute / Persecution

See torment... persecute / persecution dream meaning

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A warning, see “rejected”... persecuted dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 09-12-14-19-27-40being: enjoy a clear conscience by returning to a practical, rational approach. falsely: track down the source and you wil receive a promotion. family, by: unhappiness within the family, as they refuse to support you. law, by the: beware of treachery by friends’ malicious remarks. persecuting others: contentment, as the truth wil out itself. ... persecuted dream meaning

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(See Daniel)... persecution dream meaning

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Just as when you dream of falling, feeling persecuted comes from your own insecurity. Thus, it is one of the most common images produced during sleep. This dream mainly indicates the power that facts or feelings from the past have over you, since the conflicts arising from these past situations stay with you and prevent you from moving forward. It could be episodes of childhood or adolescence that are lodged in your memory and have taken the form of guilt or obsessions. Native Americans believe that if you have this dream, you should address your persecutor and fight him to unmask him. Following this advice, it is quite possible that you will discover your fears are not that threatening. ... persecution dream meaning

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