What does it mean to see an pepper in a dream?

Pepper Dream Meaning: From 21 Different Sources


Warming up one’s emotions; livening up the situa­tion, irritation.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp


May represent

1. Sin;

2. Death; Mark 9:50; Mark 9:49;

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


Oppressive temperament

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


To dream of pepper suggests you need to ‘spice up’ your life and introduce variety. Alternatively, the dream signals that something is bothering or irritating you.

The context of your dream may be pointing out the source of your annoyance.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth


Pepper can represent spiciness, irritation, or warmth—all of which are metaphors for aspects of human interaction. In a dream, pepper could be representing any one of these qualities.

Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia | James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver


Depth Psychology: This potent spice is either a sign of your passionate longings or a suggestion to get more “spice” in your life. See Salt, Spice.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda


(Black pepper; Hot pepper) Pepper in a dream represents security money that insures the capital investment. Eating pepper in a dream means drinking a lethal drink or a bitter tasting medicine, or falling victim to a bad spirit, or earning money with commendation though through hard work. Pepper in a dream also means money if it is not used as food. Otherwise, if one eats pepper in his dream, it means distress or dismay.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Refers to “hot stuff.”

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


To dream about pepper is a warning to cool your temper.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


Talent in your family, particularly if you sniff the Pepper till you sneeze.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


1. Anger, likely a need to moderate the temper.

2. Excite­ment, “flavor.” 3. Gossip is afoot (especially if the mouth gets burned by pepper).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


Dreams of pepper represent that your are spicing up your life. Things are beginning to heat up for you as you connect with your wild nature.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


1- Pepper as a spice has the ability to ‘spice something up’ and it is this quality which is most symbolised in dreams. We need to liven up a situation we are in.

2- To dream of pepper suggests we are changing our tastes. We may; in everyday life, be reacting to something in a relationship or particular situation that is not to our liking.

It is this symbolism that often comes across when we need to make radical changes.

3- Pepper in dreams suggests spiritual warmth and love.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball


To dream of pepper burning your tongue, foretells that you will suffer from your acquaintances through your love of gossip.

To see red pepper growing, foretells for you a thrifty and an independent partner in the marriage state.

To see piles of red pepper pods, signifies that you will aggressively maintain your rights.

To grind black pepper, denotes that you will be victimized by the wiles of ingenious men or women.

To see it in stands on the table, omens sharp reproaches or quarrels.

For a young woman to put it on her food, foretells that she will be deceived by her friends.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


A talented mate will soon be found by the one who sees in a dream sturdy bushes of green peppers growing.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


Your children will succeed in enterprises> either business or professional, if you dream of eating or handling pepper.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


To dream of using this hot spice is a warning to cool your temper; restraint is a happier companion than regret

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Stimulant; hot ideas; heated emotions.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards


To dream about pepper suggests that you need to make some kind of response or decision in waking life. Alternatively, it may indicate that you need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. It may also indicate that there is something that is bothering or irritating you; your dream may be trying to point to the source.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung


A dream denoting truthfulness to the* verge of irritation (Gypsy).

The Fabric of Dream | Katherine Taylor Craig


lucky numbers: 04-22-24-32-37-46

burning the tongue with: idle gossip wil cause injury to your digestive tract.

buying: people are whispering bad things about you.

eating: news wil spice up your life in a way you would prefer it hadn’t.

grinding: wil receive bad news about a misappropriation of funds.

of: are satisfied with so little food that you miss the opportunity for a gourmet meal.

smelling, and sneezing: talents within the family lead to financial optimism.

sprinkling, on food: lasting affection in love could turn counterproductive.

white: an innocent situation wil turn disastrous.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |

4 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


To dream of peppermint, denotes pleasant entertainments and interesting affairs.

To see it growing, denotes that you will participate in some pleasure in which there will be a dash of romance.

To enjoy drinks in which there is an effusion of peppermint, denotes that you will enjoy assignations with some attractive and fascinating person.

To a young woman, this dream warns her against seductive pleasures.... peppermint dream meaning

Black Pepper

(See Pepper)... black pepper dream meaning


A dream about pepperoni means you wish your life was more exciting. You may feel deprived of something, such as love, friendship or emotional support.... pepperoni dream meaning

Parsley / Parsnip / Peas / Peppers / Potato

In dreams, parsley represents unrecognized but nourishing benefits in your life. Are you taking some things for granted, such as your health or the love of your family? If parsnips appear in your dreams they may signify neglected opportunities in waking life, whilst the appearance of peas could indicate difficult decisions that need to be made. Shucking peas is thought to portend recovery from illness, dried peas are symbolic of tenacity and strength of purpose, but to dream that you eat peas suggests some form of deception. When peppers appear in dreams pay attention to their color; are they red or green, as this will influence the interpretation? Peppers typify the need for a response of some kind in waking life and to dream about pepper or peppers indicates that you need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. Alternatively, there may be something that is bothering or irritating you, and your dream may be trying to point to the source.

In dreams, a potato could suggest an essential or basic element in your life; it could also suggest being inactive or a ’couch potato’, as well as a delicate or awkward situation or a ’hot potato’.

If you see mashed potatoes in a dream, you may have to make decisions involving financial cutbacks. Potato skin relates to the most potent aspects of an issue; the place from which the greatest number of benefits will be derived. Yams or sweet potatoes are symbols of pleasant memories.... parsley / parsnip / peas / peppers / potato dream meaning