What does it mean to see an pee in a dream?

Pee Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


To dream that you are peeing is an omen of bad luck and frustrating times ahead in love.

To dream of seeing someone else’s pee means ill health will make you disagreeable with your friends.

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To shed the outside appearance and look into the true motive; research whatever is being peeled... peel dream meaning


A warning of inconspicuous observation... peeping dream meaning


(See Attic window; Window)... peephole dream meaning


(see Urination)... peeing dream meaning


(see Animals)

Swift, agile movement.

The deer is an excellent guide through any figurative forests in your life.

Buddhist: A representation of the Wheel of Law in action. Also symbolizes meditation and gentility.

A stag specifically is regarded as solar and masculine in aspect, banishing evil by symbolically trampling snakes under its swift, strong hooves.... peer dream meaning

Peeping Tom

See Voyeur and Stocking.... peeping tom dream meaning

Peep / Peering

See inspect... peep / peering dream meaning

Peer Pressure

If you dream of being pressured by peers, you may have repressed anger. It’s not others you need to worry about - it’s yourself. You have rejected certain aspects of yourself, and they are battling to be recognized.

The lesson is, don’t act like someone you are not, in order to impress people, or get along with them. You will only end up with bad dreams. Express yourself, and you’ll be happier.... peer pressure dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-26-29-33-47-48

eggs: wil be visited by a loved one who has been preoccupied with another.

facial: are shedding layers of first impressions.

fruits: are voiding the fuzz and dealing with the heart of the matter.

skin: are discarding the pretensions of a suntan to expose your core sincerity.

vegetables: wil invite vegetarian friends for dinner. ... peeling dream meaning