Pastor Behind Showing | Dream Meaning

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Religious person of authority; if substituted, research the name... pastor dream meaning

Pastor, Minister

Vision: Seeing a pastor: your constant “preaching”—or telling people what to do all the time—is making you increasingly unpopular. Being the pastor: even if it is difficult, have the courage to admit or confess to something you have done. Speaking with a pastor: you are feeling guilty about something—come clean and reduce the pressure.

Depth Psychology: See Church, Preacher, Priest.... pastor, minister dream meaning

Showing Off

To dream that you are showing off, indicates that you are feeling insecure about yourself. You are trying to overcompensate for your shortcomings.

If you dream that someone else is showing off, you may have a judgmental streak.... showing off dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-15-24-32-27-42

childish qualities: must revert to earlier times to enjoy a long life.

figure, your: people can’t see beyond your beauty, to your intel igence.

personal belongings: pride attracts the envious.

teeth: wil have a dispute about personal integrity versus power.

yourself: have too much vanity to hide yourself, too much fear to expose it.

zealous actions: al desires wil be realized through the chances you take. ... showing dream meaning