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I have seen a temple and a pandit is offering me a fruit telling that everything is good on ur name


Seeing pandit in dream


Pandit doing reading

I have dream of a pandit giving me three seeds

Pandit coming home

Pandit abusing

See panditji in dream

Panditji gives me kheer

Pandit in temple

Pandit facilitating for darshan of god in tirumala

Pandit in dreams

Saw my panditjee distributing jalebis and i stealing them

Giving pandit ji to eat jalebi jachori

Keeping kumkum in forehead by pandit

What does it meaning pandit in the dream

Giving balance money to mandir pandit

Pandit in temple alongwith me

When u dream ur pandit drinking rum an eating meat

Seeing pandit coming in my house in dream

Pandith come to home

Pandit ji

Giving information to pandit

Giving self information to pandit

Pandit in temple giving me blessing by chanting mantra keeping his hand on my forehead

Pandit fall in love with me

Receiving kumkum from pandit in temple which it was kudaka full of kumkum

What does it meaning receiving, kumkum, pandit, temple, which, kudaka, full, kumkum, in the dream?

Applied yellow tika by pandit in dream

Pandit giving cash and vegetable to someone

Pandit saying a prayer

Pandit ji touching feather to my head

Pandit coming home telling my husband to ask about the giving birth

Seeing pandit in dream means

I saw pandit in my dream he was telling about something and later asked me to call my mother

Receiving kumkuma from pandit in temple results

Getting sindoor from pandit of mandir

Giving money to pandit

Pandit came to home

Pandit giving coin

Pandit giving money to me

Money taken from pandit

Getting sindoor of devi from pandit of temple