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Literal, though that which is overhauled may be figurative

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Overhaul | Dream Interpretation

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Vision: Seeing a hermit in tattered clothes: bad news in the near future; your efforts are fruitless. Seeing one hermit means you are looking for advice.

If you are the hermit: you have lost faith in vour fellow men and would like to withdraw. Living with your partner in an isolated place: your relationship needs a major overhaul—in some cases, only a separation will do.

Depth Psychology: A hermit often symbolizes a wise counselor; sometimes it means you have lost faith in a person or in humanity and that you would like to “get away from it all.” Are you feeling lonely right now? Do you need peace and quiet, to find a place where you can think about the world, yourself, and your life? See Guru.... Dreamers Dictionary


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Vision: Dreaming that the country is in a period of inflation: a warning to be smart right now or lose all your money.

If you dream that inflation is imminent: your life is in crisis; your value system needs a radical overhaul.

Depth Psychology: Inflation dreams are an indication that what has been important to you is losing its value. You face a profound crisis and feelings of emptiness, which are keeping you from making the necessary radical changes in your life. Make sure you get through this rime of deep change without suffering permanent emotional harm. Other dream images are important here because they will point to the kinds of changes you need to make.... Dreamers Dictionary


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A dream of a car represents your body and your identity.

If the car is in good shape, then this dream is a reflection of your -care.

If the car is in need of repair, then so are you.

If your car is being worked on, then this suggests that you are undergoing a transformational overhaul. Dreams of being in a car represent that you are being carried from one place of consciousness to another.

If you are driving, then this symbolizes that you feel in control.

If you are a passenger, then this dream may be telling you that you have abdicated responsibility and are in a state of passivity or surrender. Consider whether or not you like where you are being driven, how you feel about what you are being driven in, and how you are being driven.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


If your car is your vehicle through life, then dreams of a mechanic symbolize energy that can help you to get through life more powerfully and repair problems regarding your forward momentum along your life’s path. This dream may be a sign for you to check your fluids and consider whether you are drinking and eating properly. Consider the thoughts with which you are fueling yourself. It may be time for an overhaul of your thought system. See Car.... Strangest Dream Explanations


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Dreams of a wreck signify a major life overhaul and a wake-up call. Consider what has been wrecked, and realize that transformation is taking place in this area. This dream could also be a warning to become more attentive and present in your life. See Breakdown/Breakthrough Dreams.... Strangest Dream Explanations


Strangest Dream Explanations


Psychological / emotional perspective: The tree is symbolic in dreams of the basic structure of our inner lives. When one appears in our dreams it is best to work with the image fairly extensively.

A tree with wide branches would suggest a warm loving personality, whereas a small close-leafed tree would suggest an uptight personality.

A well-shaped tree would suggest a well-ordered personality, while a large, messy tree would suggest a chaotic personality. Branches signify the stages of growth we go through, and leaves suggest the way we communicate to the rest of the world.

To be climbing the tree suggests we are looking at our hopes and abilities, in order to succeed.

To be chopping a tree down indicates the need for a complete overhaul of our beliefs and ideals and symbolizes radical change.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


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