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The Ouroborus is a mythical snake from ancient Egypt that swallows its tail, bringing together the symbolism of the circle and the serpent. In dream-lore, it represents the cycle of existence. It has special significance for the recently bereaved, indicating the continuation of the soul after death. The Ouroborus also appeared in a famous example of creative dreaming; in his sleep, the German chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz visualized the molecular structure of benzene as a carbon ring, like a serpent biting its tail’. 

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Serpent, Cosmic

See Ouroborus. In the lore of many cultures, this serpent laid the eggs out of which the cosmos grew. It points to the unconscious and the necessity to organize one’s energies. Here the dreamer is made aware of the importance of life’s energies and vitality (the Kundalini “serpent”), and it usually suggests that the dreamer pay more attention to physical drives and urges.

The Indian god Vishnu, after having concluded the creation of the world, rests on the back of the cosmic serpent and watches over the preservation of the cosmos.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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