What does it mean to see an ouroboros in a dream?

Ouroboros Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


See spiritual imagery in the introduction

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See Phoenix. Here is the tail eater, the serpent that bites its own tail. It represents the original state where there is neither beginning nor end. According to Jung, this is a symbol of the state of becoming aware, of completion, with the energy finally creating the higher self (Circle, Zero).

The Ouroboros marries itself, impregnates itself with its phallic tail, and then kills itself, only to raise itself again.

The tail eater is also a dragon, and a sexual symbol. Of interest, too, might be the famous dream of the chemist A. Kekule von Strodonitz (1829-1896) about the Ouroboros. He came up with the key to understanding the benzol chain and said it was the dream of the Ouroboros that gave it to him.

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Spiritually the ouroboros represents completion. Usually dcpicted as a serpent which is eating its own tail, it denotes never-ending energy and everlasting power. It will usually appear in dreams when the dreamer is ready to deal with, and understand, complete spiritual self-sufficiency.

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5 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


  • Bad luck.
  • Difficulties ahead.
  • Be careful.
  • One of the best of all omens.
  • Your wishes are granted.
  • Temptation.
  • Bad omen.
  • The bird of the soul.
  • Wishes are being fulfilled.
  • Good omen, particularly monetary.
  • A young relative is being honored.

    Uroboros: See Ouroboros.

  • ... folklore dream meaning

    Signpost / Crossroads

    The crossroads is a place where one must decide which way to go. It points out to the dreamer which road should be taken in life. See Cross, Fork (as in fork in the road), Division, Ouroboros (as a counterimage).... signpost / crossroads dream meaning

    Snake / Serpent

    See Poisonous Snake. More than anything else, this is a symbol of fear.

    It is also often a sexual symbol, and a symbol of wholeness, transformation, and rebirth, as in Ouroboros.

    A symbol of the dark feminine and deception, it also represents wisdom and cunning. Almost every woman dreams about serpents at least once in her life, which could mean fear of a rival or of the male gender.

    The serpent stands for physical drives.

    If something is not right in that area, snake dreams appear.

    The image of the serpent may also refer to the “water of life,” since it comes from inside the earth where the healing springs originate.

    The Caduceus, the staff of Aesculapius, a symbol of the healing arts, shows two serpents winding around it. In the sacred temple of Aesculapius, serpents crawled on the floor of the sleeping halls. They were said to induce healing dreams.

    According to 2nd century dream interpreter Arte- midorus, dreaming about serpents indicates healing and the return to vitality.

    It is also a symbol of immortality (shedding of the skin—rebirth).

    The “Midgard-serpent” and the “Ferris wolf’ in Norse mythology threaten the gods as the world comes to an end.

    The serpent is also the symbol for secret wisdom and the revelation of the hidden. Snakes are quick, attracted by fire and the birth of energy.

    A snake steals from Gilgamesh (hero of the Sumerian epic) the herb of immortality, while he is taking a bath in a pond. In Greece, Gaia, the goddess of the earth, produces two half-serpents called Titans, who do battle with Zeus.

    For the Gnostics of late antiquity, the serpent symbolized the dark, deep, and unfathomable side of God.

    The serpent is also a symbol of Kundalini (the yogic life force). In ancient Greece, serpents were even honored publicly, because they were believed to be ghosts of the dead.

    Snakes appear suddenly, out of the unknown, creating fear.

    It is impossible to have a meaningful communication with them; they are secretive and fear-inducing, as is the unconscious. Their poison is sin, their wisdom transformation and deliverance. According to Early Christian imagination, when a snake was attacked, it would only protect its head.

    According to Freud, a phallic symbol. According to Jung, the image of the snake means that something important is taking place in our unconscious; it may be dangerous or healing. See Eel.... snake / serpent dream meaning


    1- To be conscious of sucking in a dream suggests a return to infantile behaviour and emotional dependency. Sucking a lollipop alerts us to a need for oral satisfaction in the sense of comforting ourselves. Sucking a finger can suggest a physical need.

    2- Emotionallv we all have needs which arc left over from childhood. These mav be unfulfilled desires or the need to be whole and complete. This need can surface in dreams as sucking something.

    3- The snake which sucks its own tail (See Ouroboros) is a potent image of spiritual completeness.... sucking dream meaning

    Sucking / Suckle

    The snake that sucks its own tail – the ouroboros – is a potent image of spiritual completeness and will appear as we become more spiritually advanced.... sucking / suckle dream meaning