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Acutely keen of hearing, spiritually discerning

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Islamic Dream Interpretation


A dream of being hypnotized is a warning to not talk about a past mistake. Confession might feel good, but it would only hurt the other people involved.

If you dream of hypnotizing someone else, you need to start saving money because you will soon be under some kind of financial strain.

If you dream that you fail to be hypnotized, you will have to rise above your current troubles all by yourself, without the help of others.

If you dream of watching a friend or parent be hynotized, you don’t understand or like that person’s recent actions. You think they have been acting “not like themselves” in some way.... My Dream Interpretation


My Dream Interpretation


A dream of be- ing hypnotized is a warn- ing to let sleeping dogs lie in regard to a past mis- take. Confession may be good for your soul, but one must also remember that as far as others are con- cerned ignorance is fre- quently beneficial bliss.

If your dream involved hyp- notizing someone else, you’d better start econo- mizing because you’ll soon be under some delayed fi- nancial strain.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams

Magician / Hypnotist

If someone transforms into a sinister magician or evil sorcerer in your dream, it is likely that your dreaming mind has identified someone you know in waking life with the archetypal black magician, a selfobsessed, power-hungry person who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. On the other hand if the person in dream materialized as a witch doctor, shaman, white magician, guru or high priest, this suggests that you are in urgent need of advice and inspiration in waking life. Perhaps there is an older person in your life whom you regard as a mentor and whose advice you should follow. However, if your dreaming mind conjured up an image of a conjurer, hypnotist or stage magician whose success owes little to magic and everything to sleight of hand, this image may be warning you of someone or something in your life that is not trustworthy or is manipulating you in some way.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia