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This amusing ani- mal in a dream is remind- ing you that ignoring your problems is a surefire method of building a time bomb under yourself; vig- orous positive action is the only safe road to relief.

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A dream about this animal is reminding you that ignoring your problems is a sure way to sabotage yourself. Direct, positive action is the only road to happiness.

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Adaptive Theory

Adaptive theory speculates that species-wide sleep patterns developed as a way of adapting to the environment. Grazing animals, for example, sleep relatively few hours a day in short bursts. According to adaptive theory, this is a response to the necessity of constant alertness for predators.

By way of contrast, animals with few natural enemies, such as opossums and gorillas, sleep up to fifteen hours per day. Adaptive theory hypothesizes that the sleep pattern of human beings developed after the species began living in caves, which offered protection from encounters with powerful nighttime predators.... Dreampedia