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Being Cross-eyed

Vision: Is your view of reality distorted? Is it difficult to see yourself or others as they really are? Do you have a hard time making yourself understood? See Blindness, Eyes, Glasses.... being cross-eyed dream meaning

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(See Mucous)... blear-eyed dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


See “deformity”... disfigured dream meaning

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This is a very favorable dream.

If the dwarf is well formed and pleasing in appearance, it omens you will never be dwarfed in mind or stature. Health and good constitution will admit of your engaging in many profitable pursuits both of mind and body.

To see your friends dwarfed, denotes their health, and you will have many pleasures through them. Ugly and hideous dwarfs, always forebodes distressing states. ... dwarf dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Dwarf, Malformed Figure

A pan of our personality left un­developed or not integrated.

For instance we may have musi­cal ability which was suppressed by the need to bnng up children. Also a pan of self malformed by painful childhood experience or lack of emotional nourishment. It may therefore be a link with our unconscious. ... dwarf, malformed figure dream meaning

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To see one-eyed creatures in your dreams, is portentous of an over-whelming intimation of secret intriguing against your fortune and happiness.... one-eyed dream meaning

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