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Y ou are either contemplating, or indulging in, a dangerous vice or passion if you conjured up imaginary monsters in your dream.

In either case you’ll be doing yourself a real favor if you find a new interest

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The origin of this character (very common in folktales and legends) is found in Saturn, who devoured his children as Cibeles brought them into the world.

If the oneiric ogres frighten you, it means you are hurting those around you and, possibly, yourself. The figure of the ogre also denotes ignorance and weakness of character.

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see Archetypes

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

1. Projected fear of something in one’s character.

2. Deep fear of someone.

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To dream of imaginary Monsters is not a good sign. Difficulties and obstacles will come between you and your dearest wish.

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To see an ogre in your dream signifies self-criticism and discipline.

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An ogre in a dream may symbolize authority issues related to discipline in one’s business or personal life. Alternatively, this symbol may represent being an “ogre” to oneself through constant self-criticism. (See also Monster).

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Symbolic of a wicked, abusive person, or a spiritual oppressor

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Feelings developed in relationship with one’s father, lack of sympathy or understanding; being inconsiderate; feel­ings about authority.

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Giant / Ogre

An encounter with a giant or ogre in your dream suggests an uphill struggle in waking life. The giant or ogre may also be a symbol of insecurity or feeling small, perhaps reminding you of your childhood when adults seemed huge. Maybe you had a dream in which you were running as fast as you could from an ogre, a hideous giant-like being who seemed intent on devouring you.

If you had a nightmare like this, it could represent your father or some other figure of masculine authority, such as a demanding teacher. On the other hand, a dream giant may represent spiritual or physical power. A giant among men in your dream may be a guide who comes to give you spiritual insight.

Not all giants are ogres, and maybe you dreamed of being rescued from the ogre’s clutches by a gentle giant, perhaps another influential figure in your life who you respect for their moral courage. Any towering presence in your dreams tends to represent either something that poses a problem to you, or someone whose power makes you feel protected, or small and helpless.... The Element Encyclopedia


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