What does it mean to see an officer, official in a dream?

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An officer may be an authority figure representing your super-ego. (For super-ego)

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

Relationship with authority or officialdom, one’s father, how we authorise our own activities, our sense of right and wrong; a coordinating or directing function in our­self; a sense of sureness out of wider awareness or experience.

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See armed forces and also authority figures in people

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also see Authority Figures in People

1- To be dreaming of an officer, unless we have a relationship with that person in real life, is to be looking at that part of ourselves which co-ordinates and directs our lives. Any official figure, and particularly one in uniform (see Uniform)9 alerts us to that part of our being which needs to belong to an organised group. On a conscious level we mav rebel, but there is a part of ourselves which recognises that we must fit in someway.

2- Often, if our father has been particularly strict or overbearing, we picturc him in dreams as an officer. We learnt in childhood to conform to authority. Interestingly, different armed forces will represent different aspect of our personality The Army will signify the more down-to-earth practical side, the Air Force the intellectual, and the Navy the freedom-loving, more emotional side.

3- The need for Spiritual Authority- may well be represented here.

The dreamer is seeking a higher guidance, and needs to be ‘told’ what to do.

Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary | Pamela Ball

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