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Any dream featuring an oculist contains the obvious warning from your subconscious that you are not seeing an important matter in its true perspective.

Consider the possibility that you are deceiving yourself and then act accordingly.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

Dreaming of having your eyes examined by an oculist is a portent of having to decide an important question in which your best judgment will be required.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway

To dream of consulting an oculist, denotes that you will be dissatisfied with your progress in life, and will use artificial means of advancement.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller

You are being watched; do not be ensnared.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous

(See Ophthalmologist)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin

Oculist | Dream Interpretation

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(Eye doctor; Oculist) In a dream, an ophthalmologist represents a spiritual guide who brings people out ofdarkness into light and who brings peace and unity between beloveds.

An ophthalmologist in a dream also represents a teacher who entices people to seek knowledge, to reflect in advance about the consequences of their actions and to develop a sharp sight.

An ophthalmologist in a dream also could represent a pearl diver, an ocean diver, one who digs wells or restores old springs, or an eye expert who can tell the difference between false eyes from the true ones.

An ophthalmologist in a dream also represents a preacher, or a counsellor who can show the difference between the path of righteous people and the path of the heedless ones.

An ophthalmologist in a dream also may represent someone who has something to say, or news to report.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation