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See Fat.

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To dream that you are obese, but are happy with your body, means that you are satisfied with yourself and your life.

If you dream that many obese people surround you, it means that you have everything you need to achieve the success you long for.

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As usual, the interpretation of this dream depends on you. You may be concerned about your looks and fear that you are becoming fat. Be realistic in regard to this area of your life.

If you are very thin and can not stop worrying about your weight, you should see a doctor. Psychologically speaking, obesity usually is a sign that the individual has issues with self-esteem and personal power. In dreams about obesity fat emotionally insulates us from others and isolates us physically.

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Dreams of obesity signify extreme emotional pain comforted and shielded by layers and layers of protection. This dream is showing you the consequence of indulging in unhealthy patterns. See Fortress and Fat.

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The popular psychological interpretation of obesity is lack of self-esteem and overindulgence in fear and denial; layers of protection to insulate the dreamer from involvement or action; hopelessness and helplessness to express power and authority; fear that rejection will be the only reward for effort. Other possible meanings are the “fat cat” who ate the mouse, being “full of oneself,” or fattening up the livestock (for slaughter). (See also Fat).

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Any area of overindulgence, i.E. Power, money, food, etc.; See “large”

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If you dream of being obese, you are connecting with the consequences of overindulgence in some area of your life.

If you have issues of weight in your waking life, such a dream may be more literal. Extra body fat can also be a symbolic expression of protection and avoidance of deeper issues.

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See fat person.

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Obesity | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Obesity

Fat, Obesity

Vision: Eating fatty foods in your dream suggests caution, possible illness. Greasy spots on your clothes mean possibly marrying into wealth. Being obese is a symbol of a gende and natural death.

It is also a symbol of feelings of inferiority—you beheve people think you are disgusting. Preparing a heavy meal means impending loss.

Depth Psychology: Fat represents sensuality, cheerfulness, and a tendency to overdo things.

It is a warning from the unconscious about excessive eating and drinking.... Dreamers Dictionary


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