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Revealed to discourage efforts

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Four in a dream is usually a positive symbol. There are Four earth elements, Four seasons, and Four psychological functions in the human system.

The Four is where the change in the human personality takes place.

The number Four belongs to Uranus. Four-people want to revolutionize the world: they are scientists, clerics, social reformers, nonconformists, and artists. They brood, attack problems, and have a quick wit. Four and organizes. It stands against the carefree mentality of the Three—having received the Divine one. Four-people have the clarity needed to understand the center, the “I,” and what holds life together. But a Four-person can also suffocate in this orderliness. Four-people have staying- power and willpower, as well as a tendency to be melancholy.

Generally speaking, the Four represents immense inner strength, energy, vitality, and a great love for and connection with nature. You are asked to either support and advance these qualities, or you need them in greater measure in order to fulfill your life’s work. See Uranus.

Four-people have birthdays on the 4th, 13th, 22nd (a master number), or 31st of the month.... Dreamers Dictionary


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The rebel in a support group can be a powerful aid in helping the group break out of old tribal patterns. In dreams, it can also help you see past tired preconceptions in your field of professional or creative endeavor. The rebel can also lead you to reject spiritual systems that do not serve your inner need for direct union with the divine and to seek out more appropriate paths. The shadow rebel, conversely, may compel you to rebel out of peer pressure, or for the sake of fashion, and so become mired in another manifestation of conformity.... The Element Encyclopedia


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