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Changes that lead to completion, a sense of closure, and wholeness.

Matters of health and vitality. Folk medicine frequently mentions treatments being applied nine times, over nine days, and other similar applications for this number.

In Eastern beliefs, the number of self-mastery.

If the nine in your dream is seen as part of a set of 10, this reveals a situation that is just short of being finished. Take a second look and make sure all the loose ends are tied up.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco

As it is the last sign digit, nine can suggest reconciliation, completion and the accomplishment of a creative task. As three times three, it has a sacred wholeness as the number of total perfection and balance. In the West, nine is considered to be the number of eternity; in India, it is the number of God and Yogi who will leave the wheel of birth and death. In dreams, the number nine suggests the end of one cycle and the beginning of another but it can also suggest lack of concentration. Pregnancy is usually of nine-months’ duration, so your dreaming mind may be suggesting a preoccupation with birth and babies. Nine is the number of the Hermit card in the Tarot pack and as such can suggest solitude and introspection.

The Element Encyclopedia | Theresa Cheung

The number nine in a dream represents the end of a cycle. This number is also related to compassion and generosity. See Number.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1. Completion and fulfillment, earthly contentment.

2. Cycles of development (as in “coming full circle”).

3. Happiness (as in “cloud nine”).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

In dreams, the number nine symbolizes completion and that you are on a productive path. You are seeking to improve the world.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean

With the number nine you have reached a level of completion, which is also expressed in the nine-point configuration the enneagram, the system that explains the world, according to theorist and teacher G. I. Gurdjieff. In all Indo-Germanic languages, the number nine is connected to the adjective “new.” Nine refers to renewal.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

The number Nine is a triple of Three, and therefore, close to creation.

It is also the planet Mars. Nine-people are fighters and don’t avoitl conflicts. Willpower, assertiveness, and the desire for independence is the key to their life. On the negative side. Nine-people have a tendency to be domineering, have a violent temper, are often careless, and—in a subordinate position—easily discouraged. Their impulsiveness and thoughdess, sharp words often inflict emotional pain on sensitive people. They have enormous strength—and are passionate and impulsive. Many exceptional traits could be developed, if concentration and a strong will would work together.

In general, the number Nine is a symbol for the end of a certain developmental and growing phase in your life. Nine is the end of the numbers—after that come numbers on a higher plane.

For instance, a pregnancy is completed after the ninth month. See Mars.

Nine-people have birthdays on the 9th, 18di, and 27th day of the month.

Dreamers Dictionary | Garuda

A nine in your dream denotes that you are on your way to progress, fulfillment, rebirth, and renewal. You aim to change the world for the better.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth

Pregnancy, the end of any cycle and the start of something new, spiritual awareness. Intelligence, discretion, artistry, understanding, brilliance, lofty moral sense, genius. Dreaminess, lethargy, lack of concentration, aimlessness.

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous

Fruits of the spirit

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton

The final number in the system is nine, which represents completion and endings. All things must end in order for the inevitable new beginning to follow. Nine embodies that cycle of existence that demands that change occur and that the old give way to the new.

The shadow side to this is the fear of death and the resistance to change that comes with an ending.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Nine is the number of completion of patterns and karma. It may mark the finish of a cycle, perhaps in business or in a relationship, or commcnt on the termination of destructive patterns.

Ariadne's Book of Dream | Ariadne Green

Pregnancy; childbirth; the end of a cycle and the start of something new, cycles. Idioms: nine days wonder, nine times out of ten; nine to five; cloud nine; nine points of the law.

A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences | Tony Crisp

(1) The number nine is a symbol of completeness, and may represent personal fullness.

(2) On the other hand, it may have the meaning of‘nine out of ten5 - that is, not quite perfect, not quite all.

A Dictionary of Dream Symbols | Eric Ackroyd

9 B | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Nine

911 (nine One One)

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Strangest Dream Explanations

911 (nine One One)

Wake up and ask for help! Important lesson before you. See Emergency and Numbers.... The Dream Books Symbols


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911 (nine-one-one)

If you called 911 in your dream (or if you saw the numbers 911), this suggests that you should not be afraid to ask for help. There is an important lesson to be learned from in your dream, that support is out there for you, but you have to take the first step towards it.... My Dream Interpretation


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This symbolises the head of the household on whom the household depends.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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Donning Feminine Clothes

If a man sees himself as donning feminine clothes it means he will experience tremendous fear, destitution and helplessness after which it will disappear by the will of Allah Ta’ala.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


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Female / Feminine

see Woman... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


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To dream that you play ninepins, denotes that you are foolishly wasting your energy and opportunities. You should be careful in the selection of companions. All phases of this dream are bad. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Ninepins Or Skittles

To dream that you are playing Skittles is a sign that your affairs are unsettled; you will experience many ups and downs in the next few weeks. There may be a disappointment in love.... Mystic Dream Book


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To dream of the number nineteen suggests freedom and the conquering of personal challenges. You will realize the need to make a stand.

Dreaming of number nineteen denotes bullheadedness and the refusal to accept assistance from others.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


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To dream of quinine, denotes you will soon be possessed of great happiness, though your prospects for much wealth may be meager.

To take some, foretells improvement in health and energy. You will also make new friends, who will lend you commercial aid. ... Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Whether you took it or gave it, this bitter dose in a dream is telling you that you are in bond- age to old habits or associations that are holding you back.

Freedom may be hard to achieve but the effort will be rewarding.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


Quinine water is the solution that is drunk to relieve the fever of persons suffering from malaria. Perhaps the dreamer thirsts after self expression, and a situation or a condition has them in such an untenable position that they are feverish with frustration.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia

The Feminine And Masculine Principles

The feminine principle is embodied in the archetype of the great mother: the complete woman within whom the primary qualities of femininity manifest in harmony. Whether you are a man or a woman, take note of the female figures in your dreams—be they a person, animal, quality or object—as they carry a message from your unconscious.

If the selfless, loving mother figure appears in your dream, ask yourself if you need to develop motherly qualities within yourself.

If the dark side of motherhood appears—dominating, criticizing and devouring—ask yourself if you or someone you know has a damaging, suppressing effect on you or someone else.

If the romantic, innocent princess figure appears in your dreams ask yourself if you need to rediscover your optimism.

If the seductress appears, ask yourself if you are being warned against selfishness and immaturity.

If you dream of a wise woman or a witch, ask yourself if you are working with integrity or if you are alienating others with your selfishness.

The masculine principle is typically represented as the wise old man or father and suggests so-called masculine qualities of strength, authority and virility.

If any of the masculine archetypes appear in your dream ask yourself if it is highlighting an aspect of yourself that you need to take a closer look at.

If a father figure appears in your dreams he may simply be a role model of authority with compassion but if the ogre appears he may represent a threat of some kind to your authority. A dream that features a young, idealistic prince may be encouraging you to recapture some of your youthful optimism, while dreaming of a wastrel may be a warning that it is time to act with maturity and take on responsibility.

If a warrior appears in your dreams, this could suggest the need to take decisive action in waking life, be it to promote your aims or to make a decision.

If you dream of the high priest or his counterpart, the black magician, you need to question your motives or those of the person you feel they might represent: are they altruistic and wise, or selfish and misdirected? See also FAMILY; PEOPLE.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Thirty Nine

To dream of the number thirty-nine represents compassion, contemplation, comprehension, and high intelligence.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


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