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This poisonous member of the potato family is an omen of contrary and signifies a good time for taking a chance on new ventures or untried activities.

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To dream you eat the fruits of thii deadly plant is a favourable dream, meaning new interests and surroundings.

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See Red.

The tomato is a symbol of fertility. As a nightshade plant, it also has something scary about it. According to Rudolf Steiner, the tomato is the expression of eroticism and passion.... Little Giant Encyclopedia


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Plants are symbols of the power of nature and, in the words of Jung, are ‘regarded with awe and contemplated with philosophical wonderment’. Dreams that feature plants can send powerful messages. Plants embody the life force in dreams and represent the union of earth, water and heaven. Ancient peoples thought that each species of plant had specific qualities and this ancestral lore has produced symbolism and interpretation that is still used in dream analysis today.

Plants, and herbs in particular, have many ancient associations. Climbing plants and honeysuckle symbolize ambition; ground elder suggests powerful ambition. Although deadly nightshade is no longer considered a murder weapon, its association with death is still strong. Is there someone against whom you harbor strong feelings? Thistles and brambles are prickly symbols that hint at antagonism on your own part or on the part of others.

If you dream of weeds, they are a powerful symbol of lies and falsehoods. See also FLOWERS; TREES.... The Element Encyclopedia


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