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Ideals and imagination. Neptune is the archetype of the transcendent, of ideal reality, of imagination and the spiritual. Neptune, the god of the sea, dissolves boundaries and barriers, enabling us to connect with the Universe. Neptune relates to inspiration, imagination, compassion, ideals and communion. The darker side of Neptune is about confusion, illusion and diffusion. In general, Neptune shares the symbolism of water, suggestive of the hidden highs and lows of the unconscious.

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A dream about Neptune is bringing your sub-conscious to the surface. You are dealing with issues that revolve around your use of your intuition.

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1. Spirituality, vision and mysticism (to dream of the planet).

2. A need for greater compassion and understanding— especially socially, sometimes regarding the inner self.

3. A de­sire, usually spiritual/emotional, to see the ocean or large body of water (to see the god neptune or poseidon).

4. Horses.

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Depth Psychology: Neptune, the god of the oceans, represents your very core, your unconscious emotions, fantasies, dreams, and also your addictions or unrealistic expectations. Do you often look at the world “through rose-colored glasses”? Do you daydream? Are you are a very spiritual person? Do you entertain many illusions? Only an honest analysis can answer these questions.

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Poseidon / Neptune

Poseidon was the explosive and unpredictable god of the seas.

If he or other creatures of the sea appears in dreams, his stormy nature may point to great changes—or the need for you to make great changes—in your waking life.... The Element Encyclopedia


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