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To dream of having difficulty with a necktie is a sign that you are chafing under an emotional hold that you would be wise to break.

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1. A need for a little more formality, seriousness regarding personal goals, possibly in social settings.

2. Ability to commu­nicate and be understood or heard.

3. Business matters must be completed.

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A loose-fitting necktie around one’s neck can be a symbol of “tying up” loose ends in one’s business world.

If however, the necktie is drawn too tightly, then a condition of entrapment may be causing the dreamer some anxiety. (See also Knot, Noose.)

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Research the color and fabric; see “yoke”

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Necktie | Dream Interpretation

The keywords of this dream: Necktie

Ties / Tying

(see Connecting Devices, Knots, Rope, Web)

Our connection to other portions of the self.

Ties to other people or situations that may or may not be desirable.

The network of life that goes beyond time, space, and dimensions. This type of dream helps you to recognize your place in the greater scheme of things, and the importance of each individual.

Too much attachment, the need to loosen binding ties.

A necktie represents business matters, protocol, and attention to the social graces.

It is worn when we wish to present a specific image of ourselves to others, or as a recognition of a societal expectation (see Clothes).

Bow ties speak of old-fashioned formality. Possibly you are trying to be too conventional or reserved with regard to a project, person, or situation.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


A necktie may be a sexual symbol, representing the penis.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


A knot is an obvious symbol of constraints and restrictions on one’s freedom of thought, feelings, or actions, indicating a difficult situation that needs to be untied. Anxieties about getting married (“tying the knot”) are sometimes denoted by this dream symbol. More positively, a knot can symbolize control, and having something “all wrapped up.” (See also Necktie).... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


A hanging tree with a noose is a symbol of fear and anxiety.

If the noose is around the neck of someone, perhaps there is repressed anger and rage at a person or a condition. (See also Necktie).... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia

Shirt And Tie

If a shirt features in your dream, it may have been an unconscious reminder to iron one when you awake. Otherwise puns may help with the interpretation. Are you overdependent on someone in waking life—clinging on to someone’s shirttails—or is someone overdependent on you.

If you rolled your sleeves up in your dream, is a forthcoming task looming large in waking life, or are you in danger of going bankrupt and ‘losing the shirt off your back’? A dream that features a shirt may be associated with gambling—putting one’s shirt—on a horse.

If you were choked by a tight collar, scarf or tie in your dream, your unconscious may have been drawing attention to feelings of restriction, maybe in relation to your work, as collars and neckties tend to be worn by professionals. A tie is sometimes a sexual symbol, but it also represents something that can choke feelings.

If the tie is colorful, this might represent a creative new approach. To dream of stitching a shirt or item of clothing suggests that repairs are needed in some areas of your life.

If you find yourself sewing a patch on your shirt, was your unconscious speaking in puns? Is there something in your life that needs patching up? Or have you been trying to hide something about yourself from others, such as the big heart you used to wear on your sleeve?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Fabrics And Fastenings

The texture and feel of your dream clothes can be important.

If the fabric is irritating or uncomfortable, this may suggest that a part of your waking life is also uncomfortable; for example, a person, a place or a job. Leather, silk and chiffon are all regarded as sensual fabrics because they titillate the senses with their feel and aroma; as a result, they may have sexual connotations in a dream. They are also prized fabrics and their inclusion in dreams may reflect a dual longing in the dreamer to be perceived as a cut above the rest and to enjoy a luxurious life.

Man-made fabrics like nylon, polyester or plastic in the dream world point out that someone’s appearance or persona (maybe your own) is false or limited. These fabrics can also be itchy, so if they cause you problems in your dream world, can you draw a parallel with someone, or something, irritating you in waking life? Or is your itchiness self-inflicted by your choice of clothes when other options are available?

Freudians, of course, see fur as a symbol for pubic hair and dreams in which you are enveloped in soft fur indicate a desire to return to the comfort and security of the womb.

If you are wearing ermine, this is a symbol of moral purity and probity—ermine traditionally lines the robes of royalty and judges. Wearing ermine in your dream may therefore suggest a longing for childhood innocence, or delusions of grandeur.

Tartan is, for most people, associated with the kilt and traditional Scottish male dress so when it appears in a dream it may evoke images of robust virility. For Jungians, a woman dreaming of a man wearing a kilt may represent the animus, the masculine aspects of the female psyche, from which the dreamer may draw inspiration and power.

If you ripped off buttons on your blouse and shirt in your dream, then perhaps you have been too buttoned-up in waking life, to the extent that your unconscious is urging you to relax and reveal the real you. Dreams about loosening your belt or necktie may also suggest a release from pressures in waking life. By contrast, if you tightened your belt, laces, sash or ribbon, your unconscious may be urging you to economize or tighten up in some way.

If your dream homed in on a zipper, do you long to have more energy or thrills in your life, or should you keep your thoughts to yourself as if to zip it up? Releasing buttons or a zip may refer to a need for relaxation or a desire to develop an easier relationship with another person. On the other hand, if your zipper got stuck and you couldn’t move it in your dream however hard you tugged at it, do you feel trapped by responsibility and routine, and long for release?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In a man’s dream, castration suggests loss of masculinity and sexual power, or anxiety about satisfying a partner sexually. In a woman’s dream, castration may also express fears that someone wants to disempower you in some way; but it could also reveal hidden aggression against a man in your waking life. Bear in mind that there are many possible symbols for castration such as cutting off a necktie or destroying a tall building.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Can there be a more horrific dream for a man than the dream of being castrated? A woman dreaming of castrating a man is also expressing powerful emotions, perhaps a harsh desire to subdue a man in waking life or the masculine aspect of her personality. Bear in mind that in dreams there are many possible symbols for the penis; for example, dreams of cutting a necktie off, or losing an arm- wrestling competition or demolishing a tall building all suggest the loss of the penis. When interpreting such dreams, your own feelings are important. For example, were you scared, confident, or unconcerned? You also need to find out who the person or thing attacking you was. Sometimes the dream may indicate a fear of impotence, or the fear that someone wants to emasculate you in some way. The attack may also not be on your physical manhood but on other areas of your life, such as your ability to do a job, provide for your family or pay the bills.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia