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The planets, stars and constellations have been considered good-luck omens since the earliest times. Dreaming of them represents your wish to guide your own fortune, hence ’wishing upon a star’. In general, they suggest exciting new opportunities as long as you possess the necessary self-belief. To view the twinkling of a star on a dark night portrays a birth, either physical or symbolic, whilst to imagine a five-pointed star was once thought to be a sign of great wisdom. Dream stars can also represent intuition and insight. The Pole star aids navigators and may act as a symbolic guide to the unconscious. A shooting star or meteorite can suggest a flash of inspiration, or a memory of someone in the past or someone dead, as many cultures believe that human spirits manifest themselves as stars. On the other hand, you might want to consider whether your dream star symbolized your ambitions, hopes and dreams in some way. Nebulas are the birthplace of stars, so if you saw one through a telescope, are you celebrating a birth or some kind of new beginning or breakthrough in the waking world?... The Element Encyclopedia


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