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(See Alley; Hallway)... corridor dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Corridor (hallway)

1. Life journey;

2. Future path;

3. Path to destiny;

4. Transition; Num. 22:24; Ps. 23:4.... corridor (hallway) dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model

Crossing / Corridor

If you are crossing a road in your dream, this is an image of potential danger, fear and uncertainty in waking life.

If you are crossing a field, you may need to bring your feelings out into the open. Crossing a river or chasm depicts the end of one phase or stage of life and the beginning of another. To dream that you are at a crossroad signifies that you have come to a point in your life where you have several options from which to choose, all of which will take you to different destinations. This dream suggests you need to make an important decision, often in relation to career or life changes. To turn left at the crossroad can indicate following your intuition, whilst to turn right can mean making logical decisions. To dream that you are walking down a long corridor signifies your desperation in trying to escape a repetitive situation or behavior patterns.... crossing / corridor dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Hallway Corridor Passage

To see a hallway in your dream symbolizes the beginning of a path that you are taking in life or a journey of self-exploration into the unknown. In some dreams, passages, corridors or hallways can stretch endlessly into the distance, with hundreds of doors on either side; in other dreams, they are so small you have to crouch down, or are so bewilderingly complex you get lost. Such dreams represent the way you feel about the choices and options open to you in life and it give you an invaluable vista onto what you believe to be possible and necessary. Halls in dreams also illustrate how you meet and relate to other people in real life.... hallway corridor passage dream meaning

The Element Encyclopedia

Mysterious Creatures

Vision: Dreaming about mysterious, frightening creatures, or monsters: you have been shaken to the depths of your soul.

Hidden emotions deep in vour unconscious are raking shape, troubling you. Sometimes the reason for nightmares is actual physical stress. Did the creatures resemble real animals? See Animals.... mysterious creatures dream meaning

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