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1. Personal sphere of influence.

2. Sense of fate, fortune or future (horoscopes).

3. Possibly difficult journey ahead (to travel among). ... planets dream meaning


To dream of a planet, foretells an uncomfortable journey and depressing work.... planet dream meaning


To dream that you use a plane, denotes that your liberality and successful efforts will be highly commended.

To see carpenters using their planes, denotes that you will progress smoothly in your undertakings.

To dream of seeing planes, denotes congeniality and even success.

A love of the real, and not the false, is portended by this dream.... plane dream meaning


See “lost”... missing dream meaning

Amputations / Missing Limbs

This is a dream about diminished capacity or ability. Our limbs are what give us mobility and the dexterity with which to create, both of which are impacted in some way when we lose a limb. Whether it is as significant as an entire arm or leg or just the smallest finger or toe, the appearance of a missing limb or amputation in a dream is reflecting some sort of invasion of your ability to navigate through life. Consider the use of the limb that is missing and you will have more information to interpret.... amputations / missing limbs dream meaning


Symbolizes one’s search for divine guidance... planetarium dream meaning

Mercury (planet)

1. Message, possibly false.

2. Thievery. ... mercury (planet) dream meaning

Plane (airplane)

1. Mobility, often vertical; achievements.

2. A journey to a higher consciousness.

3. Feelings of control. ... plane (airplane) dream meaning

Plane (tool, Carpenter’s)

1. Successful projects are underway.

2. A desire to make things work well, “smooth” out difficulties, remove obstacles. ... plane (tool, carpenter’s) dream meaning

The Stars And Planets

As a rule, stars and planets symbolize the nobility or dignitaries of country. Any goodness in them denote similar goodness in them. Note the interpretations of the following planets.

Mars : It represents the police force, security force and the military force of the king or state.

Saturn : It presents the torturers and interrogators of the king or state.

Jupiter : it either represents the state treasurer or the administrative representative of the state. Sometimes it also represents a man of high learning.

Venus : It represents the queen or wife of the head of state.

Mercury : It represents the secretary of the king or head of state incharge of all his correspondence.... the stars and planets dream meaning

Plane / Slicer

A very focused attempt to create order, smoothing things out at any price. This dream often indicates a process of elimination.

In its connection to “airplane,” see Flying and Parachute. Also, may indicate a concern with how people judge you and how you want to be seen.... plane / slicer dream meaning

Planet, Another

Alternate lifestyle.... planet, another dream meaning

Plane Crash

Dreams of plane crashes are typically provoked by worries about over- extending yourself, such as a project or business collapsing, or not being able to pay bills. It is likely that you may be afraid of failing in some other way, especially if you are about to take an exam or test, or have set yourself an unrealistic task or objective. Have you been flying too high? See also DISASTERS.... plane crash dream meaning

Star / Planet

A dream of one bright star and your desire to capture it may refer to someone you desire to capture in waking life. A dream of mapping the sky or stars could refer to a number of ambitions you have in waking life—from which you should probably choose one. Dreams of specific planets may also be significant. See also SPACE AND SCIENCE.... star / planet dream meaning

Missing An Event

Missing an event or time frame (an exam, appointment, bus, scheduled payment, etc.) can represent a missed opportunity or neglected responsibility, or a fear of such.

Consider also the reason you missed or were late for the event (for example, missing an appointment because you forgot about it could represent feeling disorganized in real life).

See also: Late; Failure; Failing a Test; Feeling... missing an event dream meaning

Specific Planets And Their Associations

In Western astrology, every planet is believed to impart some of its characteristics to people born under the Zodiac sign that it governs, so if you dreamed of a particular planet or one of its signs, your dreaming mind may be suggesting that you can improve your chance of success by developing some of the sign’s qualities within yourself.

On the other hand, such dreams can on occasion represent someone in your life who is currently influencing you in a positive or a negative way.

Jung felt that we could learn a lot about the human psyche through astrology, not only because the stars and planets are an external reflection of our inner selves, but also because the inherently symbolic nature of astrology allows us to consciously correlate symbols with unconscious knowledge. He associated different archetypes with specific planets, and frequently looked at the birth charts of his patients, believing that the symbols in the charts made suggestions to him from the collective unconscious about that person’s psyche. The following summary of specific planets and their astrological as well as some of their universal archetypal associations will help you make sense of dreams in which planets feature.... specific planets and their associations dream meaning

Missing Person

A feeling or fear of neglecting or taking that person for granted.

Exploring your feelings about how much that person means to you.

An imaginary worst-case scenario.

Recognizing that you’re missing something that person represents (fun, spontaneity, being organized, spirituality, etc.).

See also: Lost, Being; Losing an Item; Abduction; Killed, Being; Escaping... missing person dream meaning

Paper Plane

1. Carried by the Holy Spirit; 1 Sam. 3:19;

2. Words carried by a spirit good or bad) Eph. 6:16;

3. Prayer requests (thrown into the air);

4. Someone trying to get your attention by sending you a message; So Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground. 1Sa 3:19... paper plane dream meaning