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To dream of a cabaret is suggesting a need to ‘lighten up’ regarding another’s choices.

Dreaming of performing in a cabaret can indicate a desire to let your hair down and express yourself more radically.

A feeling of distaste whilst dreaming of watching a cabaret shows a mismatch in the values between yourself and another.

A cabaret in your dream may also expose a need for attention and acceptance from someone close to you.... Dream Symbols and Analysis


Dream Symbols and Analysis

Façade (building)

If the house is a reflection of the soul, the façade represents the image we project and the way we relate to people around. A façade in good condition is an indication that you are satisfied with your relationships. Likewise, if in ruins it indicates that your external image is poor and does not satisfy you.

If the façade does not match the interior of the house, the dream indicates a mismatch between what you are and what you project.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The feet ground you and also point the direction in which you are moving in life.

The shoes in your dreams can illuminate how well you are walking your walk. Since shoes adorn the feet, they represent personal self- expression and choices around where you are headed.

The phrase “walk in someone else’s shoes” may be important to consider in a dream with shoes in it. Trying on new and different shoes can connect to a need to discover new ways of moving about your life. Different shoes or mismatched pairs are expressing confusion about where your steps may lead you. Lost shoes indicate a need to find ways of grounding yourself and call you to inquire about the ways in which you may not be fully prepared to move in new directions.... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


Complete Dictionary of Dreams